Plenty of Fish Back Online: Any Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 10, 2010

Yesterday we reported that the popular dating website Plenty of Fish had gone down, at the time of yesterday’s post weren’t too sure whether it would come back online, however we can now confirm that the site is accessible.

If you head over to you should have access to your profile, strangely there is no message on their homepage explaining the outage, which would have been reassuring for the site’s users.

I do not use PlentyofFish, therefore cannot confirm whether the site is back to its normal self, therefore we would appreciate some feedback from you, feel free to answer the poll question below, also we are interested to know whether POF users received any sort of message from the site admin explaining the outage.

[poll id=”208″]

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  • escorts in montreal

    As I website owner I conceive the subject material here is rattling wonderful, thanks for your efforts.

  • maded

    when am i going to be able to register with plenty of fish? it keeps saying the same crap password to short can anyone help please?

  • Not sure if you know this or not butyour blog doesnt load properly when using opera. thought I should let you know

  • Sam

    Hi, my name is Sam, and I signed in no problem this morning, replied to someone who sent me a message, logged out and now I can't log back in. I entered the email address I believe I used for the site and it says it's not in the system. I did a User Search and my nick doesn't even appear. It's as tho someone took over my account and hid my profile.

  • Ricky

    still having problems putting my password does not let me log on and email has been sent to me with password and user name still cannot log in it takes to of my friends logins but not mine please email me let me know why it will not take mine login:, my username is: rickymtz22.

  • BW.

    The IM (instant messaging) is constantly going down

  • debbie090547

    I have a problem and when I go in “HELP” with my question, I am sent to a “ANSWER” site that will charge $ for giving me my answer. I am not getting my messages out to the people I have chosen to answer to. Even though I have followed the instructions, something is wrong. What’s the use of having people interested in you and you can send them a message. All I want to know is what am I doing wrong and how to correct it.

  • Gerald

    Cannot access/check the messages I have sent, my sent message History page come up with nothing..I got the "message sent" screen on them all, but, so I can't tell if the person got my message or not;…read or deleted it…I do not want to send them again just in case



  • graeme marshall

    logged on ok only to find couldnt access peoples profiles, then tried again to login but didnt accept me as being registered and didnt recognise my login at all. had to recreate my profile and got in but lost all messages. frustrating or what!!

  • Liz

    i cant sign up 🙁 and i try and im 27 and its still dosent work help!

  • Steven Kinstler

    Plenty of fish IM funtion does not seem to be workink.

  • kerry

    doesnt seem to be working again

  • derek

    aug 10, 2010.. the site is still down and has been for over a day atleast

  • gail hickey

    Site down again at 07:52 Australian Daylight Saving time

  • dave

    its down again

  • Jim

    Site's not working again!

  • Janet

    Just tried to login, couldn't . Was working fine 15 minutes ago.

  • jason moring

    now its not acsessing the sight at all keeps comeing up error

  • SuzieBlue

    And come straight back up… is it because I tried to use the IM?

  • Madasahatter1

    its not working at all

  • jesse1984

    it was back up this morning but it just went down again. it looks like it maybe a attack by a hacker or virus. because its like the website isn't even there anymore

  • Richard Banes

    I cannot get on at all.. Whats the problem here?

  • steve

    cant acces isntant msg i actualy rang some to see if they could see i was trying to contact them and they couldnt also they sent me msgs which i didnt receive and my msgs just arnt getting thru

  • Marie

    It's OFF again!

  • Deb

    its down again and i was mid conversation 🙁

  • dale

    it gone down again

  • SuzieBlue

    It's just gone down again 🙁

  • onlyme

    as off 10.20 pm its down again!!!!!! 10/08/10

  • hammie

    it seems to be down again service not available whats up

  • PlentyofNothing

    Bad Request-Invalid Hostname is the "new message" I'm getting when trying to log on, it was working fine this morning

  • and is gone again!!!! :-((((

  • lola

    site has gone down again 🙁 plus….not getting msg through on email address as normal!

  • Guest

    The site is back down again this afternoon 8-10-10

  • minxymandy

    Very frustrating i cant send any messages to chat to anybody … im sure theres a few now think im a bunny boiler cos they mite get loads later

  • nbmgwtw

    I can't even get on…I am getting a "Server too Busy" notice

  • jools83

    POF seems to have gone again!!!

  • Amanda

    It's done again message stating "Service Unavailable"!! UGH!

  • womanwoman45

    yesssssssssss….pof is back……

  • Alex1992

    Instant Message aint working

  • Alibaba007

    yoou guys have profile wrong …. eg i am 6 feet tall and have dark hair not blonde please adjust. my name is Alibaba007

  • Steve

    It is marginally functional – cannot access many features such as SENT MESSAGES, WHO VIEWED ME I am sure there are others – also the features that are open are slow to access

  • Jay

    Same, can't click on profiles without receiving an error.

  • jason moring

    its not letting me click on peoples profile that have veiwed me or peoples
    profiles out my favourites list. keeps comeing up error

  • mystic1950

    No there was no message from the site on why it was down

  • Mary Lou

    Plenty of Fish is up and running. This happens maybe twice a year. I am sure being the best Online Dating site that it has its problems with visus and such. Glad that you were here to post some information.