PC Versus Mac: Microsoft Pinpoint 6 Key Areas In New Campaign

Everyone knows that the PC versus Mac argument has been going on forever. But a new campaign spearheaded by Bill Gates finest pinpoints 6 new (old) key areas why you should choose PC over Mac.

Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility and Choice.

This is where Microsoft believe they have Mac beat, although the actual depth of each key area is not entirely clear, or entirely new either. We can gather that the ‘Having Fun’ point covers the area of gaming, where most titles that are made for the computer (non console) area come out on PC only.

In all fairness, it is probably pointless going into the specific points themselves, and leave you to guess at why Microsoft think they excel in these areas.

Are you convinced now that PC has these distinct factors over the Mac? What arguments would you put across?

Source: SlashGear



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