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Motorola Droid X: Update Coming to Fix Quiet Notifications

Since its release the Motorola Droid X has been pretty well-received, however we are hearing of one problem which is annoying users, this is the relatively quiet notifications.

Droid X owners will be pleased to hear that Motorola are listening to their customers and are apparently planning a fix for this particular issue, it is unclear as to whether this fix will be a tiny fix released over-the-air, or whether it will just come bundled in the large Android 2.2 FroYo update, which is expected soon.

There is no real quick fix you can do if you are experiencing this particular problem, however Motorola do suggest that you change your notification ringtone to one of the loudest options, these include Bolly Wood, Dancing’ Fool, Digital Phone, Road Trip, Gimme Mo’Town, Noisey One, Caribbean Ice, Very Alarming, Terrible Two’s or Third eye.

If Motorola do roll out an update separate to the Android 2.2 FroYo update we will keep you posted, for more details check out the link below.

Do you think the Droid X’s notification alerts are too quiet?

Source: IntoMobile



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