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Microsoft To Begin Xbox Live Kinect Beta Invites Soon

Several sources on the internet are believed to have received official invitations from Microsoft initiating the start of the “Xbox Live and Kinect Beta Program,” via Microsoft Connect.

The short invitation that comes from Microsoft’s service to gather customer feedback briefly mentions that they are offering this service to a “limited audience,” with “a unique opportunity to see pre-release software.”

An indication that we will also see the new Kinect dashboard was hinted with a note that says an “audio change” would not allow participants who sign up to the beta to use individual or party chat with anyone who are not part of the program. We recently saw at E3 that Kinect comes featured with a new video chat application.

Enquires have been made to Microsoft to check out the authenticity of the Kinect beta invites, to which Microsoft have not yet replied.

Looks pretty genuine to us.

Have you received an invitation? Does it look genuine to you?

Source: Joystiq



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