Mafia 2 Demo: Full Details and First Impressions

By Jamie Pert - Aug 10, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that the Mafia 2 demo was available at the Xbox Live Marketplace, now we have some hands-on experience with the demo, therefore we thought you would appreciate our unbiased opinion of the demo.

The demo itself only gives you 10 minutes of game play when in the city, the mission on the demo sees you try and hunt down and kill the fat man, you will have to chase him down through a warehouse whilst his gang tries to kill you.

In the demo you get some hands-on with shotguns, tommy guns and the MG-42, it is hard to ignore the game’s crisp graphics, this combined with pretty good gameplay should results in Mafia 2 becoming one of the best games of its genre.

Mafia 2 the game launches on August 28, expect plenty of high speed car chases and lots of blood and guts.

Have you played the demo? What did you think?

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  • Cal

    The demo is amazing, ever since i heard mafia 2 was being created i was overjoyed as i loved the first one so much and i am proud to day i was not disappointed a bit when i played the demo, the driving is smooth and fun, gunplay is awesome, empire bay's detail is amazingly high, plus there are so many things you can do including goin to a diner, a bar, go to the tuner / body shop, buy a new suit, buy a new gun and even wash your car and fill up with fuel at the local gas station. That is only outside, once you are in your house it is unbelievable, you can listen to the radio, use the phone, choose food from the fridge, turn on sinks, flush the toilets, pick out a nice suit, go to your garage and chose a car from it. This game will be an extremely great game!

    • Daniel

      Let me ask you a question: When Vito turned on the sink/shower in his apartment, did he reach for it and turn it on or did it just turn on by itself? Because mine just turned on by itself which was kind of a turn off for me. What do you think?

  • Dr.Sid

    I just love the game already. But I will need new computer for it 😀

  • Travis

    I am pleased to say the demo is quite solid. The city looks great and the gunplay packs a punch especially with a nice headset. Have this preordered and will be picking it up later this month along with Kane and Lynch 1: Dog Days. Thanks for the heads up I stayed up all night last night waiting for the demo and your post let me know to check back again as I was close to giving up and hitting the hay.