Mafia 2 Demo: Available on Xbox Live Now

By Jamie Pert - Aug 10, 2010

Today sees the release of the Mafia 2 demo on PlayStation 3 pc and Xbox 360 so if you want to download it via the Xbox live marketplace click here to add it to you download queue.

The demo gives you a taste of what expect from the full game, in the demo you (Vito) and a friend called Joe have to deal with someone who isn’t playing ball with the Mafia, expect to see some gut wrenchingly brutality.

The game launches on all three platforms on the August 28 and is not to be missed, so for now you can have a little taste of things to come from the demo, the demo itself will take a while to download as it is 1GB in size.

Have you played the demo? If so, was it worth the long wait?

Source: Electronictheatre

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  • marlo

    this will be a long two weeks yet, but until then it is worth it to see:

  • Darren

    hell yea. i downloaded it this morning, about 9:30. it took about 30-35 mins. its lets you see a little bit of costumization to. like outfits in your closet, eat a sandwich or pop or a beer from the fridge, the garage, and a couple stores like clothes, guns, and other cool stuff. i think the full game is goin to be great

  • bobo

    great looking game, cool demo but a bit short. The attention to detail and little everyday effects are what makes the mafia series so special. Mafia on the pc was amazing, mafia 2 looks like it will keep all the old charm and turn it into a true gem.