Madden 11 Release Date Finally Here: Your problems

By Peter Chubb - Aug 10, 2010

Madden 11 has finally arrived and to help celebrate its release date, a huge event in New Orleans took place on Monday night. It was certainly a special evening with a party thrown in true Mardi Gras-style – we just hope that the game does not have the problems that are usually associated with new game releases.

According to NFL, the new game from the Madden franchise features Drew Brees on the cover so was only natural that he was in New Orleans for the release party. The demo did not get off to a great start though so we hope that this full game will do better.

Madden was a good game, but this latest version offers a number of tweaks to make it easier for those not very good at the game. Let us hope that this will not come at a price for all those hardcore Madden fans. However, the best feature has to be Online Team Mode – allowing up to six players at any one time.

Have you already ordered you copy of Madden 11, or will you wait to see what the general consensus is first?

If you have any problems with the game, then please share them with our readers.

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  • Will be blogengine better than wordpress blogs in some way? Needs to be as it would be progressively more popluar these days.

  • John Dowell

    What the hell is up EA sports? Madden 11 I get almost to the end of a game and it just freezes up are you kidding me. This is the third copy that I have exchanged at wal mart and it does the same thing. It is not my 360 system as I have no problems with other games . please help this is the most annoying thing ever .

    • Mason

      try downloading your game to your hard drive i had the same problem and it fixed it for me