Las Vegas Hula-hoop Ban: What’s next?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 10, 2010

A few days ago we learned that Las Vegas was considering a Hula-hoop Ban, which was discussed in a recent post. This has made us wonder what or who will be next? Some of you might think it’s strange to put a ban on this child’s toy, but it is not your average Hula-hoop, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

It is thought that jugglers could be next, who also perform at the Fremont Street Experience. Those who have watched these street performances will agree that they are great fun, which is all part of the “free expression zones.”

The idea of putting a ban in this area has had mixed reactions, but most will agree that it is not a popular decision – well it is popular if you work for the Las Vegas City, such as Councilman Stavros Anthony. According to AOL News, these performers do not have a license, so are not authorized to entertain the public.

Do you think that this Las Vegas Hula-hoop should go ahead? Should this ban extend to other street performers?

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  • Jon

    so i guess it’s not so much a ‘free expression zone’ is it? i mean, you can express yourself freely except for hulahooping, right? is that what im getting out of this? guess we wouldn’t really want the populous of las vegas doing something healthy and productive with themselves what with all the gambling, drugs, alcohol and prostitution that’s readily available. sad times.

  • Seriously, What's next? Give the Hooper's a break!

  • tryckspyder

    Welcome to to the Communist States of America!