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How to Relieve Stress at Work: iPhone and iPad apps

There are so many things in life that can make you stressed, but work is one of the biggest causes. One of the most asked questions has to be “How to Relieve Stress at Work”? There are so many solutions, but we thought that using technology would be a good solution. While having a look around on Apple iTunes we came across a number of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps all designed to help you relax.

A simple search of relax brings up hundreds of applications for all three devices. Those apps include: Relax, Easy Relax, Relax with Andrew Johnson, Relax Waterfall, Moonlight Mohjong and many more.

It would take be a few days to go over all the apps available on iTunes, so you should open up iTunes yourself and then just put relax in the search bar and then look for one that suits you most. This could be by reading the reviews on it, or maybe the price will make your decision for you.

The one that I use the most is Relax Melodies. This gives you a choice of melodies and allows you to mix one with each other to create a sound that is most relaxing for you. More details on this can be found on iTunes.


  • Derek Wilson

    I agree with Relax melodies. I also use Andrew Johnsons Free Relax app. It gave me some idea of how good his other apps would be and I love the deep sleep app. My wife is now getting a good nights sleep after having insomnia for 2 years.


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