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Global StarCraft 2 League: GomTV To Offer $125,000 Per 64-man Tournaments

South Korean television network GomTV have acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast all Blizzard tournaments for the new professional StarCraft organisation called the Global StarCraft 2 League.

The 64-man tournaments that will give away $125,000 in prize money to the winner in every tournament are set to start broadcasting in late August, and will continue to do so in every month throughout the rest of the year.

These tournaments are to set the bar as a preliminary series of tournaments that are to continue in 2011, which will eventually lead up to the Blizzard Cup next December that will crown the StarCraft 2 player of the year.

We can also tell you that the MLG recently added its own StarCraft 2 tournaments to its channel rotation.

Source: Joystiq



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