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Dragon Age: Origins DLC Discount: Price and Dates

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member and Dragon Age is your sort of game then we have some good news for you, until August 15 you can download three lots of Dragon Age DLC for very good prices via the Xbox Marketplace.

The three add-ons that are on sale are The Awakening, for just 1600 Microsoft points (usually 2400), the Return to Ostagar is now only 240 Microsoft points (usually 2400), and the Warden’s Keep which is only 400 Microsoft points (usually 560).

If that’s not enough why not download Blood Dragon Red Avatar T-shirts which are available for both male and female Avatars for 40 Microsoft Points.

These deals are no doubt a clever way of raising interest for the recently released Golems of Amgarrak DLC for Origins, but still cheap DLC is always welcomed by me,

Source: Examiner


  • jake

    shouldve on pc, the console versions arent as good which sucks cuz im a huge ps3 fan

  • Smith

    And PS3 gets the shaft on a good deal discount yet again. I knew I should of bought this game on the 360.


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