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Activision & THQ: Subscription Fee’s For Online Gaming

THQ CEO, Brian Farrell today admitted that a combination of “robust downloadable content and premium online play” would be their weapons against the so called threat of pre-owned games, signifying that Activision would also put the model to the test in their next Call of Duty: Black Ops title.

According to an MCV report, Activision are also working on subscription based fee’s in the near future with COD right at the top of their list.

The report states that an announcement will be released next month, which will be perfect timing for when the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops comes out on September 1 in LA. THQ are the first openly discussed publisher to release such a statement, and Activision are thought to follow suit although they have denied it in the past.

We did a similar article last month, where Michael Pachter first gave his take on the future of online gaming, where he suggested that players pay to play their favorite online playing games. But now, with the release from THQ, it seems as though the future is almost set to become subscription-fee-inclined, angering a lot of console gamers.

Pachter, who earlier in the month spoke to MCV gave an extensive look into why COD would become pay-to-play, just like other popular games such as World of Warcraft, which is also owned by Activision Blizzard.

In the report, he suggests that Call of Duty: Black Ops would be the catalyst and open up avenues for other games to follow suit such as the Halo and Medal of Honor franchises.

If Call of Duty: Black Ops, and more of your favourite games become pay-to-play with subscription services, would you continue to play them?

More in-depth information on this can be found via the source below.

Source: MCV



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