U.S. Audi TT RS: Sign Facebook petition

The Audi TT RS has been selling well in the UK, but those across the pond have not been able to appreciate the car. Most of us thought that the small sports car would never be allowed on U.S. soil, but a recent Facebook petition could reverse that.

There must be a huge amount of American’s who would love to get their hands on the Audi TT RS, which is why there is that Facebook petition for you to sign. When you click the tab asking to sign the petition you will then have to log in and then you will need to give permission to carry on.

Jonathon Ramsey from Autoblog was given the chance to drive the 340hp Audi TT RS, which he says offers more power than the Porsche Cayman S. Ramsey and other members of the team all agreed how well the car performed.

Audi has been very secretive at how many signatures need to be collected before they decide to offer an import to the U.S. if you live in America why not sign the petition, what harm can it do? Would you like to see the Audi TT RS go to the America?



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