Skype IPO: Details and Future Plans

Skype has recently revealed some details regarding their initial public offering (IPO), and it looks as if developers are looking for some cash to help them solidify their strong position in the online communications market.

They are planning a $100 million IPO, full details have not been released, however I’m sure that this money will be used to further-develop mobile applications and perhaps tie in more closely with social networking websites and services.

According to PCWorld it seems as if this money could well be used to develop Skype into a competitor in the VoIP market, perhaps taking on the likes of Vonage, I guess time will tell whether this is a viable direction for Skype.

Some Skype users are not over the moon with Skype’s IPO plans, they are worrying that going public may dramatically change the dynamic of Skype, which could perhaps result in the end of Skype’s free services.

Would you pay for Skype?

Source: PCWorld



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