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RIM BlackPad Tablet Price and Sales Predictions

Since the Apple iPad was launched at the beginning of the year, other computer and phone makers have been rushing to try and release their own in 2010. We have yet to see the first shot fired in retaliation, but one tablet device that has not been mentioned much is the RIM version, which many believe to be the Blackberry BlackPad.

Thomas Ricker from Engadget learned from Apple Daily a number of the features of the upcoming RIM tablet device. It is assumed that the screen size will be 9.7-inches and that it will offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which we discussed in a recent post.

Apple Daily believes that Quanta will be building the device and has even come up with sales predictions. The first run will be in the region of 2 million units for sale from November and 8 million for 2011, so sales are expected to be about 10 million in just 14 months.

The target price is said to be $499, which is keeping in price with the iPad, and we expect to see a few spec configurations as we do with the Apple iPad. What tablet device would you choose, Apple iPad, the BlackPad, the HP Slate or one of the Android choices?



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