Plenty of Fish Down – Server Error

By Jamie Pert - Aug 9, 2010

Today it appears as if the dating website PlentyofFish is having a few problems, if you head over to the site does not load, instead you see a complicated-looking server error message that says “Server Error in ‘/’ Application”.

American’s seem to have started experiencing problems this morning (Monday August 9), there has been no official statement from the site’s admin, therefore we imagine that they are hard at work trying to rectify the problems.

As we find out more about why PlentyofFish is or was down we will keep you posted, we have heard rumors suggesting that the site is down for good, however no reliable source has confirmed this.

Have you been able to access the site today?

Source: SunSentinal

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  • DJ

    Its down again..2012

  • Kona

    Plenty of Fish server problems AGAIN…. in Canada….
    Countless people have reported leaving the free service POF ( a 2 person company) because they can't access their INBOX… or they insist that ….. your password has expired ?????
    and does not accept any NEW passwords….. !!!

    talk about a negligent company !!!!
    this has been going on for over 2 weeks.. we are now Jan 27th 2011
    and they don't care…..
    and i have found several other sites that are better…
    After telling them that i do IT myself… i have received 2 emails insulting me that i can't basically use a computer … written probably by a young person that can't spell or phrase a sentence correctly !!

    Markus the owner is not that hot of an IT guy after all…

  • Deeee

    Logged on 20 minutes ago and it was, then refreshed the page and it went down again at 10pm with error message about the server……

  • sexybrowngirl

    works fine for me!

  • skc

    It may be back but it's not working right, can't get any profiles to come up.

  • pam

    i cant access pof either not been able to get on it from 9th/august

  • sexybrowngirl

    its back!!!

  • Jason

    they're baaaaaack! (POF)

  • Lynn

    Geez, hmmm we have to wait and see; hoping that it doesn't go down for good. We might have to pay a dating service, OMG!!!!!! Think of it, this is a huge free dating service, we were lucky to have it and it had a long run as pof.

  • guest

    POF is back up and running!

  • rudy454

    good luck pof hope you fix it

  • Susan

    it's back up!!!

  • rudy454

    wow what happen just when i find one no site to go to god i hope it comes back pl

  • Okcupid is doing the same thing, I have been trying to get on since around noon EST and no luck.

  • Elle

    I messaged a potential friend last night,he sounded perfect and lives up the sunny coast and now i will never know….??

    I really do hope that this site is fixed asap as there are genuine people who don't get out to meet people who are looking for that special someone online.
    From JStarfish Brisbane Australia

  • mikey404

    yet another reason to use instead i suppose…

  • Tamlet

    still dwn here as well in vancouver bc,,,,,dammit!! Hope my dates 4get abt me, lolz!!

  • Realist

    its a free site. Get over it.

  • Realist

    its a free site. Get over it.
    If its down – its down.
    Time to get social and meet real people in the real world.

  • Keith Kirk

    I hope Plentyoffish is still in service I need all my contacts my pictures and all My personal info back

  • lets make a new dating site who wants to date haha

  • james


  • trinaz

    Damn an i just found a great person too chat to 🙁

  • John

    Met someone who I really want to connect with but don't have any other way to contact her! Sending good server fixing vibes northwards.

  • poppy


  • FrankyD

    Now when going to the site it reads this "Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today."

    Even though later today is done with over on the Eastern coast, there's still a few hours to live up to that statement on the western coast. 🙂

  • Leo

    no and today was my birthday, i was going to post it and that I will be at kobes today.

  • phill

    i only joined for 15 minutes until it died, maby i pushed there limit lol

  • Markira

    AUSTRALIA: I have not been able to log in since last night from around 22:00, It is currently Tuesday 10/08 @13:56 and I am still receiving the same error messages 🙁
    There goes my love life….lol.

  • Camille

    I hope it's not closed for good…here are lots of nice descent people here

  • rusty

    Cant belive its gone down i was just about to go on a date LOL now i cant get hold of here knew i should off given my email off the bat LOL

  • steve

    It just goes to show that there are a lot of people who are so addicted to sites like this that when something goes wrong and they are deprived of technology for however long or short a period of time that they experience severe withdrawal symptoms and are traumatised and panic as a result that when deprived of it they run around like headless chickens.

    It’s now 04:31 in “Dear Old Blighty” (UK) and all I get when a login attempt is made is … “Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today”. Oh Well! That was probably the shortest relationship I’ve ever been involved in. They’ve probably registered with another dating site by now and found a partner.

    The world has become so dependant and reliant on technology – imagine what would happen if the cellular/mobile phone networks suffered the same or a similar fate on a grand scale. The world would be in chaos quickly followed by a state of anarchy and riot.

  • Bill

    Well, I Made a profile there months ago, and just really started looking into it the last week or so. Started talking to someone, and the site goes down and I can't even read the last message she sent me. Figures, lol. I guess I broke the site. Hope it comes back without losing everything.

  • cosmo springy

    tried all morn & afternoon no go either upgrading or shutting down

  • emily burke

    if pof is down for good…OHG…! start pulling your hair out…what about dating…like normal dating…like meeting someone at a soda-shop…or at a bookstore…

    sad, that it's come to sitting in front of a monitor type messages to strangers…

    meet me at the zoo…i'll be wearing a pretty sundress that looks like a monet painting…

  • Laurski

    Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today.

    So Sad My Day Off and Cant even look for a man 🙂
    Hope to see you Soon POF

  • steve

    This sucks…. I can not get on either. Does anyone know of another good site besides plenty of fish.

  • Natasha

    Im in Australia and it's been down since 7pm last night (9th August), still no luck today.

  • petergoesinya

    if it's down for good, oil sales will skyrocket:O)!

  • Chris

    Plenty of Fish now displays "Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today."

  • Upeepsrfunny

    Sheesh you people sound as bad as those gamers that cry when their games go down… lol
    POF will not go down for good. It is to big of a site and has too many companies that advertise to let it go down for good.
    Simply put one of the sites servers went down. Probably a gateway server which allows us all to access pof. Give them time they will be back up.

  • Jill

    i haven't been able to get on all day. I would like to gome back. I had some email i needed to look like at.

  • Winner

    Plentyoffish is full of losers try for beautiful, inteliigent, educated, successful Winners. Losers are not allowed!

  • Thebarman9

    Just tried to load POF under its main address and it came up with the following message: "Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today."

  • Thebarman9

    Last login for me here in Australia was about 7:30pm AEST last night (9/8) I then came home and it wasn't working. Aussies, if you need another free site, Oasisactive & OKcupid are the go.

  • Tigerkitti1962

    I do sure hope it goes back up. I would like to at least be able to reply to mail so I am not though rude.

  • Stacy

    LOL don't leave out the fat balding men with photo's from 10 years ago! Gotta love that!

  • MarkusisaCrabface

    Nevermind the site being down. This is the absolute WORST dating site I have ever used in my life. If you could ever picture a dating site run by a Nazi bastard….THIS is it. Just visit for horror stories. And Google people, you're wasting your time paying this turd your money, because……..WE DON'T LOOK AT, NOR EVER CLICK ON THOSE STUPID ADS ANYWAYS.

  • Unkle Bill

    I hope it goes back up too

  • loulou

    i was last on 11am ish GMT, tried to go back on about 2pm and i was unable to get on. seems they had this problem a few yrs back so hopefully it will be up n running again soon.
    smooch is a free dating site for those who are looking for another site in the meantime.

  • guest

    how rude!

  • guest

    very rude!

  • Desperado

    It was my fault, I was repeatedly hitting refresh whilst looking at my inbox, nonstop for an hour.

  • kikatsa

    damn! i had just replied to a absolute stunning blond and as i pressed send the server crashed. omg! how cruel is fate. i desperately need to view the women on pof. please bring it back up,

  • bigg chimp dogg

    rubbish…sort it out so i can fish man

  • kikatsa

    i guess they may take that much talked about walk along the beach

  • judith finnamore

    whats going on with pof ,would love to get back on

  • Angel Eyes

    SORRY – It was my fault – I logged in and poked random people as a fake ID.

    Abi G didn't like that – so he hacked it and brought it down. He usually just hacks into POF peoples accounts and sends me fake messages through other peoples profiles. (if spam, fake youtube or twitter fails. Yes, he hacked twitter last week!).

    As I was debating and demonstrating seduction as a necessity in the begining process of relationships, expect he got a lttle rattled again. : -( Temper, temper!

  • soul sister

    Darn been waiting to hear from a guy. Sure hope he's not lost in internet space, shit what a waste.

  • Greg

    I heard that they want to charge for the users and this is a way to get everyone wanting it so much that they will stop it for a period of time then come back as a pay site????

  • ShellBell

    This better get fixed, im having so much fun, lots of laughs


    This has happened before- one minute you a re there then nothing.. it lasted the whole day too- then the site emerged and they had the new image loaders… perhaps it is now getting something new again? Who knows.. why would he shut it down- he generates over 1.5 mill a month… he is not crazy…..
    and it only goes to show- get a real life- all this whining cause you can't talk to virtualpeople who post fake pics- are married- you hav no idea about them… WOW!!!!!!

  • shawtzy

    I have met some nice people on pof ,and for the sake of those that need it like a daily
    medicine ,i hope it gets running again !

  • Bradley

    Lol, agreed xrj. A FEW extra pounds ladies may have to waddle off their chairs and do something productive. That was one of my biggest gripes about that site. They always rated their bodies as one selection too low. I.E. 'Average'…average what? Average McDonald's patron? More like…fat. But won't admit to that in a million years.
    Yes, I love those pictures that show cleavage only. Generally those are obese women, that think fat saggy breasts appeal to men.
    I can't recommend this site to men serious about dating. You'll come across serial daters, obese slobs, gold diggers [I've met a couple] and those with incredibly low self-esteem. Unfortunately the longer they stay on that site, the more jaded against relationships they become. Sad really. Some of the women I have met are just plain lonely, attractive yes, but also in dire need of financial rescuing. Not something I am excited about being a part of.

  • sazyysaz

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wish hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 lol

  • MKM

    I met an awesome guy on POF, been emailing for 1 week , we never exchanged numbers, or personal emails Hope it comes back, we were planning to meet Thursday.

  • juniper

    haven't been able to access the site since 5:30 am PST
    doubt, given the circumstances and wording on the error message, that it's a maintenance issue.
    i'm with sirroms. make mine a double.

  • Fairy

    hey i am a lady with a few extra pounds and hell compaired with some of the sad male muppets who beg for webcam I should think we are the ones with far less problems if the site has finished xxx still as you say what will us 'fat birds' do without it LOL

  • angdlite

    hope it not closed 4 good, was just gettin know someone

  • peter dunn

    they'll continue avoiding idiots like you…that's what they'll do

  • I was talking to a ‘american soldier’ on POF yesterday, after he said a few key words to me I knew I had a con man/person, it wasnt long b4 POF sent a warning to me about this person/site asking for money, then their file was deleted from the screen, it wasnt long after the whole site went down, wondering if they have had hacking on the site…makes me a little worried about my details!!!

  • Ricardo

    Hopefully the site will be up and running soon,if not i'll miss my dose of one night stands with skanky chicks LMAO

  • Robert

    My local news station mentioned they were turning it into a pay site 🙁

  • Jules

    Those women with the few extra pounds will have to ignore you face to face instead nerd

  • steve

    you could just try googling for free dating sites…loads of them…that one is my only pay one….hurry pof get back up !

  • lesley

    lol giggling just reading all these comments … an avid member of pof i am … met some lovely folk and wierdos also … come back pof what will i do 3am sunday morning when i roll back in the house not wanting to go to bed pmsl

  • shootingfishinatub

    You people are pathetic. If you cant find someone in person you need to get help. How insecure are you that you need someone to reply to your picture to make you feel good about yourself ??

  • Claire

    Its 9.30 am Est Time, Site is still down. I imagine it doesn't take this long to fix a web page these days so I imagine we can assume it isn't coming back up?! Poor Form on their Admin for not keeping people informed via email as to what has actually happened.

  • Dan

    I recieved an email and was told that the site will be down for at least a month,,,,when it does come back online their will be a small fee as a membership,,,I was told somewhere around $10 per month

  • Is the Pub still open??

  • lorraine

    i've been trying to get on it all day, with no luck!, hope its sorted soon coz i've just started tlking to someone on there.

  • martin williams

    just tried it again,still down,gumtree also down.Its 12 04 am tues.Martin,bristol