Madden 11 Review Round-Up: NFL For PS3 and Xbox 360

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 9, 2010

Earlier today we posted a story on Madden NFL 11 and the game’s best overall players, and with the game launching within hours we thought it’s time for a Madden 11 review round-up.

The game will be on multiply platforms, which include PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, PSP, PS2, and Apple’s iOS. We have found three detailed reviews of Madden 11, and each gives their own twist on what looks to be an extremely fun game.

MTV Multiplayer ask if faster games are better games, and their Madden 11 review looks at the basics, highs and lows, and in their verdict they explain how Madden is the best football simulation game. MTV loved the improvements to O-line and the running game, which create a more fun, complex, and authentic game.

Kotaku says Madden NFL 11 will give you a run for your money, the review is wrote in their unique style, explaining what they love and hate about the latest version of Madden. They found the game to be “loads of fun”, but complain about Gameflow and the problems with defense.

The third review you may want to read is from VG Revolution, they found Madden 11 pros to include new sideline and back endzone catches, the cut scenes, lighting system, dual stick controls, and the new locomotion system. VGR did not like the choppy commentary and found the replay transitions were off at times.

Read the three reviews via the above links, and let us know what you think of Madden NFL 11.

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  • mike

    NCAA is wayyyy more realistic, wayyy funner to play, and tthe new offenses you can run add depth to the game in comparison madden took a backseat 2 thumbs down for madden 11

  • kris

    i have always been a die hard madden fan, but i was extremely disapointed with this years addition, the "dummed" the game down to attract more sales and hurting the die hard players. i returned this game very disappointed, NCAA here i come

  • Jack

    I've been playing for a couple of hours now and I like it quite a bit. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's hands down my favorite sports game ever. I don't understand how people can complain about a game they don't even own or have played just once. I do get the complaints about the strategy pad and they could lose Collingsworth's annoying commentary, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do a replay after every single game.

  • Tom

    Every year they add new features that are supposed to make the game more fluent and better but every time they do that it fucks up something else. Why make the D-Pad the "strategy pad" and make it harder and take longer to do hot routes and defensive tune-ups when there wasn't a problem with the old system? And why is there a replay after EVERY single play it slows the game down it's so annoying. I played one game and already hate the new Madden 11. The running system seems more enhanced simply because the blocking allowed for more than a two-yard gain and/or some lineman who is engaged to just stick his arm out and grab you. The game looks more like a cartoon now instead of looking realistic. Every step forward is 2-3 steps back.

  • Klatu

    Why don't they just make a Madden with "updatable rosters", so you don't have to buy a new version every friggin' year? Oh yeah, because then nobody would buy the new one! Unless of course it was WAYYY better than last years iteration, which it never really is. Jeez, I guess having a monopoly on the NFL license has it's perks eh? Well, I've already made my trades and got my Madden 10 rosters all updated, so who needs the new one? Its tedious yes, but wayyy better than spending $60 on a largely unchanged game. Especially since this time next year that game will be $10.