Latest Honda Recall: List of 2003 / 2004 models

2010 will be a year that Japanese automakers would rather forget, and we are only in our eighth month. Now Honda has announced yet another recall, which affects 383,000 cars. The list of 2003 / 2004 vehicles includes the Accord, Civic and the Element.

The reason for this latest recall is due to a faulty ignition interlock system; this would normally stop you from removing the ignition key until the car has been set in park. This means that the affected Honda’s could roll away, which could cause a serious accident.

The reason behind this fault is due to the interlock system wearing away much sooner than anticipated, the best advice we can give you until the issue is fixed is to always make certain that the transmission is in park – that way you have no fear of the car rolling away.

Sam Abuelsamid from Autoblog says that this is not considered as big a deal as some of the other recalls this year, but is still one to add to the ever-growing list. For more details visit the NHTSA.

Will you still buy a Japanese vehicle after all of these recalls?



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