Jodie Fisher and HP CEO Mark Hurd Latest

Last Friday HP CEO Mark Hurd announced that he was to step down because of the sexual-harassment probe along with other violations that were hanging over his head. The latest from this Hewlett-Packard investigation shows that it was, Jodie Fisher who had made that sexual-harassment claim.

The former HP contractor and part-time actress from The Age of Love said in a recent statement that she was “surprised and saddened” to learn that Hurd lost his job. According to an AP article on USA Today written by Swartz, Fisher, he said that she and the former HP CEO was never involved in a sexual relationship.

Hurd came out and admitted that he had had not lived up to certain standards that was expected of him, such as integrity, respect and trust. It was for this reason why he stood down as a CEO for Hewlett-Packard. Cathie Lesjak has now taken over his position.

Lesjak has only stood in on a temporary basis, so the company known for their computers and printers are now looking for a permanent replacement to Hurd. One person being considered for the job is Marc Andreessen who you may remember as the Netscape co-founder.



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