iPod Touch 4th Generation: Features compared to current model

By Peter Chubb - Aug 9, 2010

Each year Apple updates its iPod Touch line, and 2010 is expected to be no different. The fourth-generation model should be unveiled in September – well if previous years are anything to go by. So how will the features compare to the current model?

Currently the iPod Touch does not come with a camera and has the same processor as the iPhone 3GS. However, it is expected that the new 2010 iPod Touch will come with a camera on the rear as well as a front-facing camera – meaning that Apple will include FaceTime, which we recently discussed.

Apple could also use the A4 processor, the same one used in the iPhone 4, so will keep with tradition on offering a number of features as the current version of iPhone launched in the same year. iOS 4 will be included, but as usual will come at a price.

We do not know if Apple will use the new Retina display, but surly they will have to so that the user can get the best enjoyment possible while playing games. So what features would you like to see on the new iPod Touch 2010 model?

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  • franz celine


  • Ryan

    I have an iPod touch 4th gen and say u always loose ur phone but ur iPod touch is always on u then if u get an iPhone u don’t have to worry about that but I suggest the iPhone 4

  • semaj

    all in one

  • cacawanga

    inthink uguy are dum ipod touch will be better than ever before dumases

  • your a dumb ass

    your a retard you freakin retard and im getting my i pod touch 4th gene next week!

  • hannah

    i am getting one for my 14th birthday and the are all retards

  • Balaji

    Any one tell me, what is the cost of 4G- Apple IPod in chennai

  • william

    I wonder how is it with the internet? so i can download apps etc, how do i connect.. can i like connect to interent when im sittin on the buss or do i need a wireless network to connect

  • brandon pogue

    i would like to see bluetooth in it … you could have blue tooth remotes for it , bluetooth headphones stuff like that .. i hope to see that on the new nano as well

  • death4151

    i would love if they did something like they did with the ipad…i'd consider paying a monthly bill for wifi but i honestly dont think it will happen…can't bag on someone for being a dreamer thought…honestly a better cpu, battery life, and camera would make me happy…im likeing the idea of a design similar to the iphone 4 but i wont complain too much if it's the same…^_^

  • Higer edumucation

    I'm making a collage, where do I get my free iPod?

  • To be released on 8th of September! So Excited, by the way. I won't buy in until October.
    My predictions are: HD Video recording, 5-megapixel still camera, FaceTime, Retina Retina Retina!, Gyroscope, 2 Cameras please, and A4
    Pricing (ALL 4G):
    16GB – $199, 32GB – $249, 64GB – $349
    Go Cubs Go!

    • Hawk

      Actually, if you research it, Apple called a conference for the first of September that is supposed to be based on music.
      Thus… iPod.

  • Littlebirdy

    I want:
    2 cameras
    built in mic
    and a bigger battery. I've been waiting for it to come out forEVER just so I can have the camera.

  • Josue

    The new iPod touch will probable be released sep 8 because the buy a Mac for collage and get a free iPod touch promotion ends sep 7

    • scooter

      You're probably right on the money. Apple will need to start clearing out their old 3rd generation stock as no one will want it after the 4th generation release is announced.

    • balaji.p

      Apple Ipod touch 4G – cost. 64GB rate

  • Bobby

    I think they will put a camera similar to the camera on the ipod nano on the new ipod touch. They will probably put the new imovie video software on iswell but by putting things like facetime and flash on the touch it makes it similar to the iphone in spec and price maybe they will focus on gaming and make the shape more comfortable for gaming.

  • daniel

    retina display
    live tv!!!!!!!!!!
    in built mic
    2 cameras!

  • Ninja

    Is it official that there's going to be a camera in the new iPod Touch 4G? I have been waiting for months now and I'll be so disappointed if it doesn't happen! 🙁

    • Littlebirdy

      I know! I'll probly have a spaz in public if it doesn't.

  • caroline

    as long as it has a camera and a mic I am fine with that

    also, will it be available in 16gigs with 4th generation technology or does the 16 gig only come with 3rd generation?
    do I have to buy the 32 for the lowest amount of storage if i want 4th gen tech inside.?

  • kezizulifan

    I don't think this is gonna happen, but it would be nice if there were the 3g version like the ipad!!

    • Charles

      Great news. There is already a 3g version out! it is called an iPhone…

  • MHl

    At the very least…
    -Retina Display
    -Bigger Battery
    -New Design
    What would also be nice…
    -One Camera (Two?)

  • Balance

    – Camera ( back and front)
    – Better Battery life
    – colors.
    dun really care about the retina display.. if it was packed in as well, you cant expect a good price..
    a GOOD camera would be much appreciated.

  • Viper

    I think that it will come with the new retina display, FM radio, microphone, two cameras which include FaceTime, wifi texting messenger like the iPhone’s except only wifi, maybe 4G wifi, and a thinner iPhone 4 design because the iPhone and the iPod touch have always been alike except the iPhone has been slighty bigger.

  • best idea

    make it colourful

  • bronco83

    1. Camera
    2. Radio
    3. Mic

  • Kaylee

    Hopefully this is right. I was debating about buying my sister a new iPod or a camera for her birthday, this would be two birds one stone lol!

  • rob

    hopefully a 16gb with radio, two cameras live tv(?) costing around £200 hopefully!!!

  • rob

    radio aswell and 16GB version costiong around £200 (hopefully)!

  • Captain America

    i don't think apple is going to put a camera on the ipod touch, because what would be the point of having the iphone 4 if the ipod touch would be the same? i think apple is just going to upgrade memory and battery life and that's it!!! i you want a camera, and mic all in one, then the iphone is for you!! buy on iphone 4 with no contract and there you have it you own ipod touch with 2 cameras and all the features the iphone 4 has!!!!

    • Firestar

      iPhone 4 is $600

    • Terlerur

      YEa sure, but not everone wants a phone, and it's nice to have music, a camera, and lots more at your fingertips to create memories and music and stuff. Plus there is facetime. Facetime is a new awesome feature. BUying an iphone is just stupid if u have a working cell already, just get the ipod 4.

  • GDC

    GPS, cameras, video, gyroscope, A4, retina, video

  • Kyle

    I was hoping it would have cameras

  • 64gb 3g

    i wish there was some way i could trade my 3g i touch for the new 4g if it came out

    • Caleb

      Sell yours on craigslist, wait a month after the 4th gen comes out, then buy a 4g on craigslist. So maybe you'll lose like 10 or 20 bucks.

      • Brian H

        yea but ppl are smart and they look 4 nice condicttion one, and low prices so they arent going to buy ur ipod

    • scooter

      Target offers a trade in on your used IPod, but I'm sure it won't be as much as you would like.

    • mccool is sexii

      i asked apple they said you go to local store max they would give is 10 percent off on new one..based on condition 🙁

    • Lauren Desmond

      u can go to best buy and they can look at it and will give u money or u can sell it to a family member

  • Brian

    Internal mic

  • This is nice… But they cud tell folks when they’re gonna make another generation. I just bought mine less than 2 months ago! -smh … It’s kinda a waste of money wasted when they do that. i believe with a camera on it, It should come with free wi-fi on it. Pics?… It’s a IPOD… Not a Phone!!! 4thGen shud be able to hold more stuff like songs, apps, vids, etc.

    • Christina

      1. They release new iPods every year in September. You should do some research before purchasing.
      2. What do you mean by free wifi? You can already use wifi on an iPod for free. If you mean 3g, then there's this thing called the iPhone.
      3. Pictures: You say no because it's an iPod (music player) not a phone. That makes no sense, if they put a camera on a phone (which is for making phone calls btw) why shouldn't they put one on a music player?

      • connor

        they put one on the nano research before u make retarded comments

    • tyas is dumb

      your freakin stupid

  • E1 RUBZY E1


    • Orochi

      hahaha then buy on iphone 4!! you just describe it!!!!

    • domeatoe

      Woah woah woah man settle down bro! No need for caps here 😀


    I'd like to see it come with radio.

    • David

      it already does come with radio… u no u can surf the web and u can listen 2 ur radio station duh…

      • John

        AAFJK is talking about a radio that can be listened to WITHOUT the use of internet, not with it. That would be fantastic for the times without wifi.


      • Links

        The OP means that it should come with an FM tuner so that you can receive radio signals from over the air (when not in a wifi hotspot). Duh!

    • hannah

      why radio is awsome

  • –better battery life
    –retina display
    –2 cameras
    –new case design
    16gb with 3rd gen internals at $200
    32gb 4th gen at $300
    64gb 4th gen at $375
    128gb 4th gen at $450

    • ShadowChaos

      @ Matthew J. Shaffer-How do you know all of thus information. Is what your saying based on fact or guess?

      • sonyavading

        New updates shows that the new ipod touch will have facetime and speaker as well! iPod Touch 4 Going up!