Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode – More Proof

By Jamie Pert - Aug 9, 2010

If you have been searching around for hard evidence which proves that zombies will be a Call of Duty: Black Ops we may have it for you, thanks to hints revealed in the Black Ops viral marketing campaign.

A writer on the CoDBlackOps blog recently received some documents which promote Black Ops, one of these documents showed an un-labeled chemical compound, apparently this compound is Tetrodotoxin, which is more commonly known as “Zombie Powder”.

Obviously if all of the information above is correct it is a strong hint at zombie mode, which was extremely popular when it arrive on Treyarch’s last Call of Duty video game World at War.

Oh, and if you missed the video we posted earlier showing off Black Ops multiplayer gameplay check out this link.

Do you know more about Tetrodotoxin? If so, can you confirm that the image below has anything to do with it?

Source: CodBlackopsBlog

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  • John Townsend

    There are zombies in the new call of duty. And there are zombie animals attacking you.

  • syk

    i do hope zombies come back but seriously ppl make such a big deal bout it…they sed zombies would be in MW2 was it…exactly

  • matt hooley

    tetrodotoxin was used experimentally by several countries for the same purpose basically as zombie-ism. it was essentially being tested for its properties of reanimation, but most of the time it just ended up making the test subjects convulse, it was then used in science fiction as a central cause for zombie-ism in several hollywood movies.

  • George

    Black ops is confirmed search black ops 24/7 read and it'll tell you

  • bloody _617

    a i hear there is going to zombies in the new game it called Vitenam Zombies with AK45 and i think with ray gun but with a upgrade and there go maps pack about and hellhound please add me at PS3 name is bloody_619

  • Cameron

    I hope zombies do come back but i think they should put zombie dogs in to make it more challenging thats where the ray gun would come in use

  • LBK

    That compound is very similar to tetrodotoxin but is not identical. tetrodotoxin has been used in tribes to infuse a state of 'zomieism' however it merely paralyses the diaphram and induces a state of susceptability to commands for a time.
    Perhaps the compound shown is a revised and more potent form of tetrodotoxin…

  • Its ME!

    yea!!!! zombies is returning!!!

  • josh

    for ideas for maps, a map in maybe a space center like johnson space center or something like that. it would be in russia and you could go around the control room and you could go in a communist prototype rocket and instead of having experimental german nazi weapons, now you can have experimental communist weapons. that would be soooo cool. maybe one that shot lightning like the wunderwaff but it shouldnt be as gay as the wonderwaff. after like four games no one would want to really use it. also EVERY MAP NEEDS A CROWS NEST. somewhere where a sniper can camp. in WAW in multiplayer maps all the maps had tunnels. in MW2 all the maps had airplanes that crashed. maybe for the new one you can do something that is actually cool for once.

  • Aytball

    Yeee fookin haw!

  • CxA

    actually it does coincide with zombieism. Tetrodotoxin is a substance found in nature, particularly fish (like the pufferfish). It can be very poisonous to the human body depending on the dosage. When a human takes in a near-lethal dosage, they are left in a state of near death for days, while still being conscious. Therefore, people relate it to voodooism and zombieism since it is the closest manifestation to zombieism in the real world.

  • peter

    ur dreaming

  • Andy Frag

    maybe there's zombie animals attacking you this time. that would still be kewl

  • Timothy

    I hope zombies do make a return in Black Ops because it is the only thing keeping Call of Duty alive for me but “Tetrodotoxin” does not mean zombie powder I’m sorry don’t mean to be rude but it’s not Zombie Powder I looked it up and it has something to do with dead animals like fish and such but I do hope it makes a return.


    never heard of the stuff, but i sure hope zombies come back 🙂