Call of Duty: Black Ops – Debut Video and Multiplayer Demo

By Jamie Pert - Aug 9, 2010

For all you Call of Duty lovers out there we have some exciting news and a video teaser trailer we would like to share with you, all regarding the upcoming game Call of Duty Black Ops video game.

The multiplayer video shows off plenty of features which you will experience when playing online. This is one of those videos that cannot be missed, therefore we have embedded at the end of this post for you.

The video shows two of the killstreaks, these are the RC Bomb (3 kills) – A remote control car with C4 attached to it, and the Care Package (4 kills) – Same thing as MW2′s care package. Also the video reveals a crossbow and a new ballistic knife, which shoots like a bullet.

At the end of the trailer it is announced that multiplayer demo will hit the net on September 1 (put that in your diary), as for the full game it will be coming out on November 9.

Check out the video and let us know what you think, will this set the standard for future console first-person shooters?

Source: GameTrailers

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  • {D3AD}Executioner00

    Dde Executioner my my user on black ops ps3 and i play online im rank 19 Prestige 1st Time and i love to play black ops zombies online i love Kino Der Toten me and 3 other guys got up to round 21 and its crazy i had Commando and we sadly died

  • someguy

    I've already saw this on 3 different site's!
    i hope the wii version is good o.o
    i've already played cod3,cod5,and cod4Reflex.
    and i can tell you something about nazi zombies…
    ITS RULES!@!

  • liam

    also it says full multiplayer reveal so does that mean a multiplayer demo or just a more detailed and longer video

    and just for the record NAZI ZOMBIES RULES! and i hope its in black ops but it might not 🙁 but it might be something similar 🙂

    • bob

      there is no demo

  • liam

    i think black ops is gonna be very very good (better than MW2) or very very bad (alot worse than WaW)

  • thomas

    this is awesome 😛 i have gone in prestige 2 times :p and i have L86 and m4a1 im finish with xD it take so f**king long time to get all on weapons

  • james

    god bless call of duty cause i love em
    all the below is trash
    lol people who believe this video are stupid you can celarly see he used an aimbot for that kill noticed right as he got the kill his cross hairs zoomed right back faster than insane sensitivity to exactly where he had fired killed the person he aimbotted its plain as day

    fluvveh95 1 week ago FreeKill300
    1 week ago 89 @fluvveh95 You obviously have no experiences with aimbots, mods, hacks, or anything of that nature. Do you realize how fucking stupid what you just said is? Do you realize now that everyone with half a brain will come to this video, see your comment, and laugh at you? As if your self esteem wasn't bad enough, it will continue to plummet as viewer after viewer comes to this video and gives my comment a thumbs up. gg no re

    • pointing finger

      um, you're the idiot


    crossbow is like the torque bow from gears

  • haha

    looks sweet and not like arcade

  • caleb

    i just hope there is a demo

  • Bob

    It says multiplayer REVEAL!!!!!!

  • terry

    that was amazing i hope there is third person but amazing

    • DAN

      eeeh its ok. looks to arcade like.

  • yoMama

    theres no demo

    • sniper pro

      yes there is fool

      • No Demo :(

        no there isnt fool

  • CoD addict

    Frickin awesome 😀 that crossbar looks beast it explodes in them 😀 and a camera that watches ppl goin past 🙂 Cant wait

  • tim

    this game looks very good cant wait

    • Timothy

      i cant wait eaither, i just watched the extra they showed yesterday on xbox dashboard, and it looks really really good, i can't wait any longer!