Wine Vending Machines: Pennsylvania (PA) Launch

Last month we posted a story on “Wine Vending Machines” and that Pennsylvania will be the first state in the U.S. to try these new wine kiosks. Today we can report that the launch has gone ahead, and were introduced at Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg grocery stores.

According to Katharine Lackey from USA TODAY, Pa. wine vending machines are linked to remote call centers, which are used to confirm the customers ID and interact via a computer monitor.

The machines can carry over 700 bottles of wine, and reactions are pretty mixed so far. USA Today reports that one consumer said they were not convinced, you can save time by going to a grocery store but Sovanna Mam says, it’s a lot of “bells and whistles and hoops to get wine”.

PLCB kiosks cost around $100,000 each, which will be paid by a $1 surcharge per transaction and advertising on the kiosks. The failure or success in Pennsylvania will decide the future of these wine vending machines. Read the full story on USA Today.

Would you like wine vending machines in your state?


  • ReeseP

    When we go into a liquor store, we give our ID and then we get served. We dont have to blow to prove that we are not drunk, why for a vending machine. Also supermarkets should be a able to sell wine from the shelves. I can see these vending machine more practical in a restaurant to enhance our food flavor or just a simple socializing drink. Last year they were looking to swipe ID and then facial recognition. Why the change? I think it is more practical that after you swipe your ID then it reads your thumb print / facial recognition ( so your under age kids or an unauthorized person can"t use your ID ) which is simpler?????

  • George Moore

    It will not make much difference. The state workers in the union that are the only people allowed to sell booze in Penn. will somehow make it a paying gig for themselves. Corruption will continue.

  • Paul

    When we go to the super market there are dozens of wine selections on the shelf that we can purchase with our groceries. What is the point of having a dispensing machine too? The only way it would become popular is if the wine is of a decent quality and a much lower price than the shelf wine. Possibly if they were placed in the subways or the bowery.


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