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Verizon iPhone: Dual-mode CDMA / GSM possible

With the recent news that a new Android slider is heading to Verizon, this made me believe that a dual-mode CDMA / GSM iPhone is possible. Possible. This could certainly solve a lot of issues and bring the iPhone to Verizon and all other carriers with just one handset and not two.

I only thought about this after seeing some leaked images of a new HTC/Verizon world phone on AndroidGuys. You can see for the photos that the screen is almost as bug as the HTC EVO 4G, but this slider has a QWERTY keyboard like the Samsung Epic 4G.

So what do we know so far? Well there is that 4-inch screen, possible 1.2 Ghz processor and Android 2.2 Froyo, but that’s about it. We have to point out that by the time this comes to market, all this could change.

We always love to talk about a Verizon iPhone, but the chances of this happening are looking less likely as each year passes. Although we do have a theory, Apple could have approached Verizon to offer their users the iPhone 5. The reason for this is because it has been rumored that the fifth-generation iPhone will support 4G, and Verizon will be pushing this out before AT&T.

Do you believe that there will be a CDMA / GSM iPhone in 2011?


  • Michael

    If contracts mean anything, we shouldn’t expect an iPhone at Verizon or any other carrier in the US before 2012. This most definately gives Android based phones plenty of time to dominate the market before the iPhone becomes available at other carriers.

    On another point, like all things technology these phones will eventually become commodities and almost everything will come down to price. As we are seeing Voice is becoming more an more of commodity, however demand for Data content is increasing. The behemouths of the future will control the arteries that provide the Data most efficiently.

    Sprint, in conjuction with Clearwire (56.5% Sprint owned), is well positioned to leverage its extensive spectrum holdings as demand for Data grows. Unlike ATT and Verizon Sprint and Clearwire have plenty of Spectrum to allocate to their 4G networks regardless of the platform they finally end up using. You can change platforms but you can’t add much more spectrum knowing that it is a finite resource.

    In a recent conference Sprint and Clearwire have manifested that they are technology agnostic and would happily deploy the technology that suits them best, whether it be Wimax, LTE or a combination. Since both standards are 85% similar, trasitioning from one to the other would not be cost prohibitive. At the moment, Wimax is here with a mature eco system, however if LTE proves to be a better choice in the future they would have no problems making a switch or using both technologies.


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