New PlayStation 4: History and PS4 release date predictions

By Gary Johnson - Aug 8, 2010

What are the chances of Sony announcing a new PlayStation anytime soon? If previous history is anything to go by it could be as early as 2011 at next year’s E3, but there is no guarantee this will be happening.

Mike Muncatchy of has written an interesting article looking back at the history of the Playstation and what could be in store from the company. The original PlayStation was released back in 1994, and had the new CD Rom storage format with its 660 MB of storage space which allowed it to play full motion video. Added to that was the capability to play audio CD’s.

Six years later Sony released the PS2 which had ten times more memory and processer speed. This latest PlayStation got a DVD player added to its features, and with the CD player meant the console was more than just a gaming platform.

A further six years down the line in 2006 saw the release of the PS3 which had even more technologies built in like Blu Ray. A built in web browser with the ability to play games online further enhanced the new console’s features. Memory and the CPU power had the usual Sony upgrade.

As it has taken Sony a while to break even with the PS3 they may not announce the PS4 for a while yet. If nothing is announced next year it could be 2013 or beyond before we see any new PlayStation console.

When do you think any new PlayStation will be announced?

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  • The Jimmy Rustler

    PC Master Race!

  • dogus

    well i think the ps4 should come out in a cheap nprice not as it said £991 and $1500.

    it is too much and a bit dumb

  • dogus

    ps4 should come out in 2 months and must not be sold in an expensive price.

    ps3 is good and it should be soldd in a price like £100 and $190.

  • dogus yukruk

    i want the ps4 a lot come on when is it gonna come out in england

  • Sincere Lucious Leftfoot

    this ps4 talk is nonsense. they are just getting into breaking even with the ps3 now. everyone that is trying to have the newest and lastest technology don't think sometimes. stop wasting money. the ps3 hasn't even had a five year shelf life yet. wouldn't break five until after this year is over.

  • basharat

    no xbox 4 life

  • madmoey

    whens it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b man

    omg iv had a ps1 ps2 ps3 and i cant wait to have a ps4 wene i was little i hated video games i was always riding my bike and playen sports ever since i got a ps3 i play it all the time i would not put the controler down its has the best grafics best games and also it plays music dvds blue ray i mean this has it all so if a ps3 has all this i cant amagen what a ps4 has o and iv tried out a x box 360 so it was the most stopedest pice of junk iv ever played my dad loves it i cant stand it its like a ps2 it was allful common people who like that junk r u blind do u no u wasted about 250 daller take it back NOW buy a ps3 or wait and buy a ps4 a wii is stuped to omg videos r 4 sitten on your butt all geting us to comon do that later just sit dont get up and shake your butt or play bball tennis bolling boxing omg i play lots of games but i work out every day i play soccer fball bball i need some time to sit on my butt ok so if u want the truth about some new systems listen to me BUY A PS4 OR A PS3 ok

    • Anonymous

      God, I hope you don’t breed.

  • Eman

    comme on i want to know the release date and the prince cause im not sure abt ps3 to buy at my bday..:/

    • dogus

      oy eman the release date is 1 year and 9 months it says in a different website

  • damian666

    ps4 is gonna be the best colsole ever and the xbox720 will just be able to beat the ps2.
    the ps4 is coming on 12-12-12 but the xbox720 will come end of the year 2013.


    i don't know why xbox is so popular you have to pay to play on the net
    xbox is crap they make a new modal of xbox every time they get a new update
    e.g xbox 360 = xbox 360 elite the only thing that has changed is kinetic
    when PS4 comes out it will have kinetic built in online web cam ,you can play songs during game play ,and even maybe even built in projector , ps4 will come out with stuff we didn't even expect


    • dogus

      good point

  • Jonathan


  • zoadic

    when and if a ps4 is ever going to be release on to the world, it is looking like xbox is going to sell to playstation; I mean the xbox 720 is only going to have a blue ray dvd player and begin to use its tech. Playstation release a world of tech. in the Ps3 and is about five years plus ahead of the xbox. The only thing that Playstation needs to due is have a way to play your music in game like xbox has and playstation is set. After all Bungie is even jumping on the wagon with Playstation and saying go bye to xbox; and Bungie is releasing plans for a shooter like halo for the PS4 and maybe ready for the PS3. I guess all I am saying is "Checkmate xbox."

    • nick

      your not to bright microsoft is killing sony. Sony just recently laid off hald thier staff.

  • Niel

    There is no reason for the PS4 to come out. PS3 is 3D capable and any updates needed for the system to work better, can be downloaded. Ask yourself, what would a PS4 bring to the table that the PS3 already doesn't?

  • XTM

    UM i think the ps3 got used up by gt5, 360 got used up by reach. Still look at the difference between these 2 games…

  • Ryan

    Will be ages yet. I don't even feel the ps3 is close to reaching it's potential yet. On the other hand the Xbox 360 has pretty much got all it's juice used up.

  • woaisdaois

    Ps4 will come out no sooner than 2014 at the earliest. 2014 would give at least two more years of sales for the ps3. Four years after the release of the ps3, the ps2 is still selling. Sales have dropped off a lot, but it's still selling. That's what will happen with the ps4 and ps3. I wouldn't want it to come out before 2014. Something about longevity that I like.

  • Kratos

    ps3 awesome graphics (no need ps4 till 2015)Let ps3 live for years

    • dogus

      shut up u little……

  • Jean

    justin are you kidding?? silly

  • Gainer

    seems really early for ps4 talk

  • SolidSnake

    I'm guessing the PS4 announcement will happen when the PS3 hits the $249.99 dollar price point. We'll see it between $179.99 and $199.99 when the PS4 comes out. That puts an an announcement back until at least E3 of next year.

  • caveman

    i think the ps4 wont come out for awhile ps3 is already coming with 3d anyway it does everything¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • God

    21 of December 2012.

  • justin

    WE WANT THE PS4 NOW!!!!!