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New iPod Touch: 4th Generation In Sept 2010 Says Analyst

We know a new iPod touch will come, and leaks of cases and apparent screen images only inflame rumors of 4th generation iPod touch specs. One analyst, Keith Bachman, shares ideas on what Apple will do next?

According to Eric Savitz on Barrons blogs, in a recent research report the BMO Capital analyst predicts both a very small iPod Nano, and a 4th generation iPod Touch to release in September 2010. The tiny Nano could mean retirement for Apple’s Shuffle.

Bachman also predicts September quarter iPod shipments to increase from 9.2m to 9.7m. We hoped for a new MacBook Air earlier this year but sadly this did not happen, but Bachman expects two new MacBook Airs in September with lower prices.

Apple iPhone sales are expected to continue with strong demand and supply. We would love to see an iPad 2 in 2011 with a camera and FaceTime. Read more details of Keith Bachman’s predictions on Barrons.

What would you like Apple to do next?



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