Killzone 3: Multiplayer Beta Website Launched

By Gary Johnson - Aug 8, 2010

We reported to you back in June when the highly anticipated Killzone 3 will be hitting the stores sometime in February 2011. Today we can tell you about a Killzone 3 multiplayer beta that could about to be made public.

Brandon Brown of is reporting that Guerrilla could be preparing a Killzone 3 public beta. Killzone 3 multiplayer details are set to be announced soon at Gamescom, and it is thought this could be the first step in announcing the beta. A Killzone 2 Community Website which is a Playstation Network service has the Killzone 3 beta website listed under its service.

The Killzone 3 beta website allows users to log-in using their PlayStation Network ID, but it does not allow access to the contents of the webpage. It also claims that your PSN ID is invalid. Killzone 3 promises to be an awesome game with the fact it will be in 3D, and gamers will be able to play using the new PlayStation Move.

The Killzone website can be found here.

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