Jackass 3D Game For PS3: Would you want it?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 8, 2010

The new trailer for Jackass 3D is out and should allow us to get closer to the action. While watching the trailer, which you can see below I then asked myself if you would want a Jackass 3D Game For PS3? The movie itself will be available on October 15, 2010.

I know that when I go to the cinema I will not be watching it on 3D, I am not convinced with the technology as I find that the outer edges of what is on screen is blurry, that takes the enjoyment away from me. As for 3D in the home, I feel that this is just a gimmick that will not be around for long – but who am I?

We know that 3D has the full backing of Sony, which is evident with the 3D support in a recent PS3 update. There are already a number of 3-D titles already in development for the games console, but we do not know if there are any plans for Jackass.

This game does seem the obvious choice to be made available using 3D technology, allowing you to perform stunts as if you were inside the screen. The one drawback is that 3D technology does not come cheap, yes the PlayStation 3 supports the technology, but you will need to upgrade to the latest 3DTV, and this could be the biggest issue.

A huge number of us have already upgraded to the latest LED TV, so will not want to spend even more money on yet another new television set, and it is this that could affect the number of 3D games and the success of the technology itself. For me, I do not think that Jackass 3D for the PlayStation 3 will be made – only those that are guaranteed to sell in huge numbers.

Do you think there should be a Jackass 3D Game For the PS3?

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  • anthony

    yes! yes! yes!

  • Murf

    The first game was so much fun but there is only so much fun you can have doing the same stunts all the time so they should definately make a new one. PS3 is so much more advanced from PS2 as well. Game engines, physics, graphics and Internet access are just some of the things that have hugely improved so I'd love if they made this game. 3D However would mean nothing to me as the 3D technology being used these days just isn't good enough.

  • DaffyDillinger

    I'd buy it! I would love to play that! I loved the first game, and have been wanting to have a new one

  • T Murder

    i think you're a jackass