Black Friday 2010 Predictions

This year’s holiday season is fast approaching, and it is Black Friday 2010 that will kick it all off – but how will the public and retailers respond this year? Each year there are those who try to predict how well BF will be, and analysts spend a huge amount of time looking at how the American economy has been going throughout the year.

Blogher has been looking into a recent article written on Bloomberg, and it seems that American’s are still depressed about the current state of the economy, which seems strange as the U.S. is coming out of recession. There are signs that within the next 6 months the U.S will be spending more than they have in some years – meaning that Black Friday 2010 could be an anti-climax for retailers.

We here each year from retailers that BF sales will not show the kind of profits that they have done in the past, but I wonder if that is a way for them to get more people to queue up outside their stores? With the amount of consumers outside stores each year, we have to wonder how sales can ever be down?

However, we have to remember that more people are choosing to hold off on Black Friday sales and save their money for Cyber Monday – a sale that has been growing year-on-year.

These annalists who always predict a gloomy Black Friday because public speeding has been low throughout the year, always seems to forget that most of them hold off until the start of the holiday season. Why buy something a few months before Black Friday, when they can grab themselves a bargain and save several hundreds dollars in the process?

Do you prefer Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


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