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Apple Exec and Antennagate: A Closer Look

We told you yesterday about Apple executive Mark Papermaster leaving his post with the company. Questions are being asked why he left with some speculating he was pushed.

Tony Bradley of has written an article looking a bit closer in to the “antennagate” saga. He goes on to say that the fact Apple have never admitted to a problem with the iPhone 4, it seems unlikely that Mark Papermaster’s leaving was connected to the antenna problems.

The sudden departure of Papermaster doesn’t look good for Apple from the outside, and makes it seem there is turmoil going on at Apple HQ. It could be that he was going for some other reason like the proximity sensor issue.

Many people think this problem is a bigger issue than that of the antenna one, and if any sort of announcement comes from Apple about any design issues with the device will explain Papermaster’s departure. The more likely outcome is that he left for his own personal reasons.



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