2011 Toyota Highlander Before 2010 Moscow Motor Show

By Gary Johnson - Aug 8, 2010

It has been confirmed by Toyota Europe that the carmaker’s successful Highlander crossover will be available for the first time in Russia and the Ukraine. The new model will be unveiled at the Moscow Motor show on August 25, and will surely be the same updated CUV that North America will be getting.

Zach Bowman from Autoblog.com is reporting that the new 2011 Highlander will still have its strong body lines but lose the conservative front of the 2010 model. A redesigned trim and tail lamps is expected, and turn signal repeaters in the mirrors are another new feature.

It cannot be guaranteed that the same model will arrive in North America, but European officials believe that it will have “more or less the same look.” At the moment the Highlander is only built in China, Indiana, and Japan so it is unlikely that Toyota would develop new models for certain European markets without disbursing them elsewhere.

So far nothing is known about what will be powering the Highlander, or what’s inside the cabin for passengers. But Toyota Europe has confirmed that the Highlander hybrid version will not be available in those markets. The Moscow Motor Show later this month will answer these questions.

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