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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: Release Date Still 2010

If you have been awaiting the release of the Cataclysm for World of Warcraft you are probably getting worried that it isn’t arriving this year, don’t worry though Blizzard has revealed that they are still on track for a 2010 launch.

Blizzard also stated that Cataclysm is the best expansion for World of Warcraft yet, and it is slightly behind schedule as they “won’t release until it’s ready”.

To be honest I like the way Blizzard handle updates and expansions, I would prefer to receive an update without bugs than have a developer rush an update to meet a release date.

So when do you think Cataclysm will arrive?

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  • Heron

    WoW is a waste of time.

  • Shoni

    I belive sometime in early november aswell, to be honest I think it's alredy ready, all they're doing now is testing if the event works (4.0.1) on PTR before releasing it into the live realms and remember Scourge Invasion? It lasted… What 3 weeks? If it's the same here, I think we'll see it in about 5 weeks. (42 days) wich will be November 3d cause I dont think 4.0.1 comes out till after brewfest is over wich is in 2 weeks, then we'll have a 3 weeks event time then it's released, thos of you who thinks about saying "They'd release the info by now then." I just got to say, I think they're holding us in the dark for the fun of it simply and they wont officialy release the release date till the 23d october cause that's the last day of Blizzcon, I for one is going to order the online tickets and watch it all online.

  • Waterarks

    Cataclysm Will be released early in November 2010

  • Joseph

    Ive heard that the release date is scheduled for 2nd of november according to mmo-champion but I would have thought it wouldnt be until later :S

  • davie

    i'v just quit wow because it was so addictive and am now back gamin on consoles in moderation, i honestly feel liberated, good liuck everyone. 🙂

  • Dennis

    I dont think we will see cata before end of november since its about to be september and still no info or whatsoever. Might even be more late if they want to redo a lot of beta works… :((

  • AVpwner

    Im guessing sometime between october-december of 2010.

  • Sean

    "I WANT IT NOW!"


  • Joe R.

    not to mention realm ques

  • =/..

    Not playing until at least a week after release. Player experience before that is just overcrowded i want to enjoy the expansion.

    • J Duff

      I agree, I wont be playing for a week or two on the expansion portion till the hype has died down just a bit. I play to enjoy, not as my entire social life. I don't want to be waiting for half an hour to get a kill on the new starting area because of the surge of players all in the same area!

  • Maeniel

    What happened to Blizz saying that we would be talking about Goblin Backpacks at the next Blizzcon? I think they pushed back Blizzcon to get Cataclysm out by OCT 1.

  • Wowwww

    On a few pre-order websites they have it down as november 1st. Wish it was in september :I

  • Manchine

    No such thing as bug free software as it is written by humans. I think we all get the point the author was trying to make though. I go with November 13th as well.

  • Jordan

    Agree with Jason, WoW is never bug free, and cata will certainly have latency, bug issues on the release date, guaranteed.

    Be prepared for lag and buggy quests, mobs, events etc.

    • Mike

      forget the latency issues, the first week of the new expansion usually means queueing to log in. WOTLK was around 15 mins waiting time to get a slot in the realm i was already in.

    • joe

      Honestly you stupid little kids are SO spoiled. I haven't touched Warcraft in a while, and honestly. I've been gaming since ultima online, if you even knew how bad some other MMOs out there were, you'd really not bitch at all. Your spoiled. Little. Brats.

      • Dennis

        I completley agree! I've played many MMOs my self and WoW is one of the most stable things I've played, sure it has some major bugs at some occations but it's very rare and Blizz are very good at quickly killing the bugs. Admitedly it took them a while to fix the bug where if you blinked while runing you could fall through the floor as a mage but most bugs vanishes within a month or two.

      • Little friend

        Wow, buddy. You sound pretty intelligent and seem to have your life pretty much thought out by now. By the way, you spelled "You're" wrong. As you can see it is supposed to be "you are" rather than "your" because "your" is describing something that is in possession of he/she. If you think about it, "their" spoiled makes no sense in grammar. You may want to gather up some phonics and get hooked before you even have a thought about trying to put somebody else down because you just make a fool of yourself. Have fun bud! 😉
        "Your" pal from the other side of the world.

        • Enforcer

          Wow really commenting on grammar to an internet post how childish the oldest troll trick in the book. Does it make you feel better knowing you've anonymously crushed his grasp of English? He'll probably never see your post anyway.

  • Jason

    Haha… Yeah.. bug free on the day of release… That alone would be a world first on Blizz's behalf… lol

  • Optix

    November 13th would be sweet as thats my birthday as well. No, seriously it seems realistic because most everyone has reached the end game and alts wont hold all that much longevity for the long-time loyal crowd. Also guild wars and Knights are closing in so i would say Blizzard have cause for concern if they push it into 2011.

    • Brian_P

      it's my b-day too! that's when Lich King was released too!

  • Blakmane

    Blizzard doesn’t care about holiday releases, Reed. The people buying World of Warcraft are not the type to wait for Christmas. I would even go as far as to say I think 95% or more of the millions bought are from the day of release. So, in saying that, I think Blizzard does not need to market Cataclysm around the holidays.

    • Foi

      No, but many of their parents are.

  • Zorgan

    November 13th. It’s a Blizzard anniversary.

  • Reed Zuheil

    My project date is November 21st. They will get it out in time for the Christmas/Hanakkah holidays.

    • sonyavading

      New updates confirms that this one will have a new launch on Blackfriday (or before the Yuletide season for this year) WOW Cataclysm Early Impressions.


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