Sprint Samsung Epic 4G: Release Date Rumor

By Jamie Pert - Aug 6, 2010

The Samsung Epic 4G will be Sprint’s second 4G smartphone offering, therefore it is less than surprising to hear that a lot of people are eager to find out when this handset launches, well we may well have this information for you!

According to a few reliable sources it looks as if the Epic 4G will launch on August 11th, also other rumors suggest that Sprint stores will be opening early for the launch (8.00am).

At the moment we must take this as a rumor, however I’m pretty confident that this it is worth taking quite seriously, I’m sure we will hear more over the next few days.

As for pricing, no details have leaked, however I expect it to have the same price tag as the EVO 4G, which is $199.99 (after a mail-in rebate) as part of a two year deal.

What do you think is the better smartphone the HTC EVO 4G or the Samsung Epic 4G?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • reneeswifts

    Been waiting this phone since it was still called as Galaxy S. Front facing camera for the win! Hopefully, froyo will be soon! Epic Now Has an Impression!

  • Brian

    I work for Sprint in FL and they have confirmed the Epic launch date for the end of August prob no later than August 28th. Also 4G will be in by November

  • Krag

    @Matt The physical keyboard can be replaced by the on screen keyboard if you like, allowing for more possibility.

    @Everyone Else The Epic undeniably out-specs the Evo in almost every category. Support, personal preference and a few other things are the only real reason to choose the Evo.

    I sure hope it gets released soon ;-;

  • InfamousLink

    Demands are greater than supply which really sucks. i've been waiting for a Evo since its 3rd week out and I still cant get one even on a Friends and Family plan ( Family works for SPRINT). Now im just buying this outright no wait but im still waiting for a freaking release date!

  • joey

    I have a touch pro2, I bought the EVO, my wife bought an EVO. I played with the EVO for 29 days and in the end, went back to my touch pro2. The evo was a nice gadget, really fast, great looks, but I think it's downfall is android…. I know Android is awesome right! Not for me, it was like comparing a psp to a ps3. The android does alot of things ok, but my touch pro is the master of smart phones. I think the Epic is gonna fall in that same category, just a good phone, not a smart one. I am old school you could say, microsoft hasn't had a great program in years…. I'm gonna wait till the release of the windows phone7 and see. They're talking about incorporating zune, and xbox into the software, it's about time. If only Sony would do the same! Then we would truly have super phones. Could you imagine the possibilities of a phone capable of playing psp titles, Movies, playstation home, and a kickbutt mp3 player, while still being able to surf the web, text, and make calls. That's the perfect cellphone! Get Sony on the horn, we gotta idea…..lol

    • Trav

      ya like no ones thought of that yet bro. its about marketing and maxing out income for a particular device

  • Lord Roach

    Samsung moment has one of the best screens I’ve evey seen, the epic will be greater, would love to get the epic, but just not willing to pay more fot 4G. Also wouldn’t mind destroying htc evo lovers! All my friends have the evo & swears its the best, its really an ok phone & its hdmi quality sucks on a 42 in screen!

  • leahcim

    from the side by side comparisons of the evo and Galaxy S I have to say the epic(galaxy s) wins. However I would say that Sprint is losing big time. They launched the Evo and haven't been able to find any around me in the last month and a half. I went to a Sprint Store today and they couldn't answer anything about the epic or evo. No info at all on epic, didn't even offer to show me one of the other Samsungs when I asked about their interface. When asked about the Evo, wait list, or contact list they just said "
    can't help you" and went to the next person.
    Sprint could really clean up with these two phones if they would just give the sales staff more information to give to the public.

  • techman

    I have an evo and if it weren’t for the slightly better camera larger screen and hdmi out I would trade it in for a epic in a heartbeat.If the epic had an hdmi out with 1080p support and a 1080p camcorder it would be the perfect phone from my point of view.

  • ricardo

    So does anyone know the official ficial ficial date of the epics release??

  • Jay-Z

    I work in sales for sprint, currently use an HTC Hero, and was also a victim of the Instinct "it's Sprint's version of the I-phone" sales pitch. The Epic looks awesome (truthfully- nobody knows the release date, "we'll get it when we get it" is what we've been told verbatim- most ppl don't even care about the Epic). But almost every Instinct user I've ever met has said it was enough to make them never buy another Samsung phone- especially a "smartphone" (we're still trying to figure out what exactly was smart about the Instinct). I'm also iffy about Samsung's Androids based on cust. dissatisfaction with the Moment; even the new Intercept isn't giving us great feedback. When my upgrade is due in December, I'll most likely be carrying another HTC, like most Sprint employees who really know the devices.

  • jayq

    right. I bought my instinct for same reason, Reaper. Samsung, and Sprint both advertised it as Iphone Killer. But it was totally killed by Iphone. Darn… after using it for 2 years… Touch pad is broken, and I am just answer it only, can make a call.. Now I am finally getting out of the contract, and debating between Evo and Epic.
    Although I had a terrible experience with Samsung Instinct, I am more leading to samsung Epic… Don't know… why.
    Samsung's technology is world number one…
    I am betting once more… to samsung.
    Their mobile tech is really amazing…
    HTC's tech can not beat Samsung…

    • Tom M.

      Not true. HTC is first and foremost a phone manufacturer. That is NOT Samsung's primary business and while Samsung is a much larger company that's been around much longer, that does not make their tech better. I have had a bad experience with a smart phone of theirs before. I LOVE my 1080p LCD TV from Samsung, it was cheap and has great quality…But I don't know if I'm going to really love their phones. HTC on the other than I have owned phones from before in the past just like Samsung and they are absolutely incredible. HTC has ALWAYS been a leader in producing phones. Just can't blame HTC for Windows Mobile's shortcomings all those years ago…

  • crlblrt

    I was all set to get the Evo, but the three options for texting/typing (qwerty keypad, swype and regular tapping) you get on the Epic is really nice. On the Evo you’re stuck with just tapping. Also, I notice on those side-by-side comparison youtube videos between the Evo, and other smartphones, the color on the Evo’s screen looks all washed out.

  • Reaper

    Samsung produced the Sprint Instinct and somehow tricked me into buying one. For two years I suffered with that terrible device. I will NEVER buy another horrible Samsung device.

    HTC all the way. Modded roms fix pretty much everything that matters (battery, bloatware, etc). And the Evo has XDA which makes it 10 times better than any Samsuck.

    • Miles

      You do know the galaxy s is on xda right ? I swear some people are so stupid

    • Tom M.

      I also had a Samsung phone a long time ago, hearing a comment like this just tells me that they still haven't been able to get things right. I also will probably stay away from this phone even if it may prove easier to get than the EVO. I AM a HUGE fan of slide out keyboard on the Pre, but the one of the Epic is landscape slideout and it looks like they wasted the real estate…Arrow keys??? WTF? WHY???????!!!! I think sadly the EVO is going to win, I just wish that the EVO had the screen of the Epic for battery life purposes. Other than that I think the EVO's screen is just fine. Though I do like whatever magical coating is on my Pre's screen because I can see it in direct sunlight.

  • cgram

    the advocates get the phone in on the 9th and the new signage for the week has nothing to do with the epic honestly I would say the 19th or 20th for the release and the rumored 11th is probably pre-order. I know a few employees at sprint_ but that's my 2 cents

  • Thomas

    "The battery isn't bad on the EVO. You're just using it wrong."

    "The reception on iPhone 4 isn't bad. You're just holding it wrong."


  • Matt

    One of the largest differences between the phones is the physical keyboard. This is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer on screen keyboards, others will want the slide out as it provides the opportunity to take full advantage of all the screen real-estate while entering text.
    Both phones look excellent, but for me the advantage of having more real-estate when entering my appointments etc. is a huge positive.
    I care less about things like an HDMI output as I do not expect to use my phone as a DVR or serious camcorder.
    So in the end IMO it comes down to taste.

  • Megnina

    “The battery isn’t bad on the EVO. You’re just using it wrong.”

    lol…that means just us the phone feature of the phone an not the SMART part….


  • chicken

    Yes I agree the battery on the evo is not bad. What is bad is the lcd screen is NOT BRIGHT AT ALL compared to the samsungs. Plus the keyboard on the epic is going to be like the htc pro 2 which was amazing!!!

  • Harry

    @ Lungcancer

    No need to diss other Android devices. I'm just happy to see another kick-ass android device being released!!

    BTW, my EVO is the best gadget I've bought in years!!

  • Nate

    The battery isn't bad on the EVO. You're just using it wrong.

  • ylwsub68

    Just talked to a rep at a Sprint store and he said something about the release getting pushed back from the 11th, probably to the 18th or 19th.

  • Chris

    With the Froyo update, I have my EVO running well past 24 hours with normal use (calls, text, web, games, etc). No task killers, either. The Samsung looks impressive, but Sprint had to pick the one with a keyboard. There should be two models for Sprint.

    • Lady

      Why? I think I keyboard is great especially for a woman with nails. I like the Evo but having a keyboard would be nice. When did you do the update. Did it improve the battery life significantly? It is my only complaint on the HTC Evo.

      • ryan

        i agree. i was going to get the evo but was turned off but only having a touchscreen keyboard. i was just about to buy it and then saw this phone. i am sold. i will never have a phone without a slide out qwerty keyboard ever again! i cant wait for this phone,

  • I'm gonna get this and if it breaks my heart like the Pre did, I don't know if I'll ever find phone love again.

    • Marie

      Yes, the Pre WAS heartbreaking! I'm am really hopeful that the Epic will be the phone of my dreams.

  • Lungcancer

    Aside from the 0.3" extra screen space and hdmi output, the HTC Evo is inferior to the Samsung Epic in every other way. HTC fanboys will have to face the truth eventually.

    The Epic comes with the dazzling super amoled. Anyone who's never seen a super amoled next to a normal lcd should go see it before dismissing the super amoled. Once you try true sharpness, you'll never go back.

    The Epic has better battery life.

    The hummingbird processor is faster then snapdragon even though they're both 1ghz because clock speeds don't mean everything. See intel vs. amd for example.

    The graphics chip on the Epic produces 90million triangles/second vs 22million on the Evo. In perspective, the PS3 is 250million. The Epic can potentially run PS2 roms if developers allow it.

    The video framerate is uncapped on the Epic. Evo is capped at 30fps.

    Bluetooth 3.0 on Epic. 10x faster than WiFi.

    Worried that Android 2.2 will arrive late? It's arriving at the end of September for Epic.

    Who needs hdmi output anyway? The Epic comes with DLNA. No need for cables.

    Lots of great things come out of Taiwan but looks like the Koreans won this battle. I'm not Korean btw lol.

    • Brad

      EPIC has HDMI out through the mini USB port; this is confirmed through a friend that already has galaxy s through tmobile

    • oscar

      you say that the EVO is inferior to the EPIC but that does not mean it isn’t a great phone. Battery life may be an issue however that is the case with a lot of smart phones and is not that big of a deal, its not hard to carry around your cord.

  • Quicksilver

    Yeah right and we were supposed to have the official announcement today also. Day's not over yet but still haven't heard anything. I'm about to quit waiting for this phone. It's like a mirage in the freaking desert. Haven't heard a peep about it from sprint.
    The phone is HOT right now sprint, take this baby out of the oven before you burn it!!!!! Give us the release date!!!!

  • bellfani99i

    tried the evo and it is huge….batt life is a bit dissapointing and adding the 3500 battery doesn't increase the size too much but defin takes away from the phone's slickness…

    hoping epic doesn't have same batt issue…. screen is supposed to be spectacular too….

    in short….will be getting on on Wed 😉 (so long Pre, you were fun, but too weak overall)

    • RSM

      Agreed, Pre was fun but too many hardware issues, and not enough word from HP on the future of the phone line for me to stick with it.