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Sprint Samsung Epic 4G: Release Date Rumor

The Samsung Epic 4G will be Sprint’s second 4G smartphone offering, therefore it is less than surprising to hear that a lot of people are eager to find out when this handset launches, well we may well have this information for you!

According to a few reliable sources it looks as if the Epic 4G will launch on August 11th, also other rumors suggest that Sprint stores will be opening early for the launch (8.00am).

At the moment we must take this as a rumor, however I’m pretty confident that this it is worth taking quite seriously, I’m sure we will hear more over the next few days.

As for pricing, no details have leaked, however I expect it to have the same price tag as the EVO 4G, which is $199.99 (after a mail-in rebate) as part of a two year deal.

What do you think is the better smartphone the HTC EVO 4G or the Samsung Epic 4G?

Source: IntoMobile



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