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Motorola Droid X: Android 2.2 FroYo Release Date Info

Good news for Droid X users now, as Verizon and Motorola are aiming to roll out the Android 2.2 Froyo OS update by early September.

Motorola let the news slip in one of their support forums that the Droid X would be getting the update in less than four weeks.

The topic of discussion was addressing Exchange 2003 issues on the Droid X, when this response was posted:

Some Droid X users are experiencing an issue using Exchange 2003 email. Though the email is arriving on the Droid X, no notifications are appearing. A fix for this will be included in the upgrade to Android 2.2 scheduled for deployment by early September.

This update will be welcomed by the DX community, as they will finally get a substantial boost to their overall performance, Google Chrome-like web browsing speed, Adobe Flash 10.1 support and an upgrade facility for Android applications when they become available.

The DX Android 2.2 update is set to come in the form of OTA (Over the Air) download, but beware as an earlier leaked Froyo ROM for the smartphone was found to be a hoax.

Source: IntoMobile


  • Adam

    Yeah, a little dissapointed as the incredible already has their update…. probly won't be out for the x til next month sadly….

  • Joe

    Hmm… It's Sept 20 and no Froyo update yet. The early Sept release date must be in lunar calendar. Still waiting…

  • Birdman

    Wasn't there a South Park about this, and Eric Cartman froze himself because he couldn't stand the wait… Only to be revived 500 years in the future. Strange how reality mimics social media mimicking reality.

  • BooHooMyWeeWeeHurts

    Kaa witt yer whining it will be here soon enuf. Droid is far superior to blkbery w/o any updates. Woo Hoo!

  • blueyeitln

    I wonder if the newer DX will come with the updated Android system. I have yet to buy mine but, was just about too until I realized the software was missing things and had hardware issues. I've been told directly by Verizon that it will fix all that.

  • Jasmine

    yes, i agree they should not tell people when its coming out if they are not for sure because i am getting very aggravated by all of this

  • sean

    I called verizon today (august 8th) and they said we would have it by this friday.

    • DJ1

      woo hoo

      • mg66

        And my cousin’s neighbor’s son’s girlfriend’s cat say on the second tuesday of next week all android phones will dispense free ice cream and lottery tickets! ….. pfft….. exect the update when you receive the notification on your phone. All the speculation is pointless.

  • chkmate

    I'd rather wait for a late release and have everything work correctly. I remember when wireless cells just had a number on the screen. No info, pictures or downloads. Now everyone complains when they buy something new and updates don't come out immediately. It will come. At least we don't own Apple.

  • abigger

    As long as they get it right, so what if it's backed up for a little while longer.

  • AndroidFan6

    For those of you who have not yet rec'd the FroYo update – you can watch Flash videos on your android device NOW by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser.

    • Amy

      i did download Skyfire to my Droid X. No sound!

      • tim

        I had no sound either? Did you possibly find a solution? Has anyone found a fix for this? The first day it worked great the next awesome video but no sound!

  • aZnDyH623

    I just want to know how Sprint released their 2.2 before Verizons. WOW.

    • Daniel C

      That's because sprint is the "now" network, duh!

      • Kenny

        lol with "4G"

  • Legallyarmed

    I agree.I got the X because I thought I would only have to wait 2 weeks for 2.2 I changed from BB so I could have flash player and im still in same boat.Lets get this show going guys.If the other phones have it then an OTA should not be a problem!

  • daniel

    This is dumb i been waiting for this update for a while… first they say agust now sepetember…. quit saying dates if you guys can’t back it up… it makes u guys look stupid and liars

    • Bob

      ….as does your spelling, syntax, and grammar.

    • Feliks Yussapov

      Daniel, your grammar and usage makes YOU sound stupid. You're probably NOT stupid–so why would you put yourself out here in a way which leaves so much doubt?

    • alex

      Agreed they need to stop making dates if you guys can't back it up. But im done waiting im going to manually download it from google.

    • Cody

      Yes i Agree but on the other hand i heard it will be coming out on august 12th and i also heard that there flash keeps messing up that is why they keep pushing it back more you can learn more at

  • jsmith

    So last month the good news was froyo for Droid X in August, now the good news is early September and we're supposed to be happy? Reminds me of Orwell's book 1984 where the party reduces chocolate rations one week and next week the plebes are throwing a parade to thank the party for doubling the chocolate ration.

    • Anonamoose

      Sooooo…waiting for Froyo to be released is like living under the thumb of a Totalitarian regime?

      • Isaac

        No that’s not what he’s saying. Don’t take his stuff out of context just to avoid having to think of a substantial reply. Hes implying that the two things are similar in circumstance. Which they are. I am kind of sick if this. Be happy its coming out in august! Jk. Be happy its coming out in september! Honestly just come flat out and say you know what were having issues. Itll be out when its out. Stop raising or hopes with false release dates.

        On a diff now…the droid 2 I’d being released with 2.2… so they clearly have a working version…why not let the rest of us haver it?

        Sorry if there are any typos. Im on my DX and I fail at swype sometimes.

        • Skylar

          it is like being under the thumb of a totalitarian regime when the hardware manufacturers I install hardware on the $300 phone, you bought, that keeps you from upgrading the operating system yourself. Does any one want to start a class action lawsuit?

    • anon

      Emailed verizon today about it there is still no confirmed date.


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