Modern Warfare 2: Map Rotation Evened Out on Xbox 360 and PS3

By Jamie Pert - Aug 6, 2010

If you have played Modern Warfare 2 as much as me you may have been frustrated with the game’s map rotation, however we are now hearing that things have changed.

Apparently both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have been patched, which should mean that when playing online you should get more of a variety of maps in a session, I must admit I have questioned the map rotation previously after playing a certain map a few times in a dozen or so games.

This news was revealed by Infinityward’s Robert Dowling aka FourZeroTwo, under an hour ago he tweeted “The map rotation is now evened out on Xbox 360 and @playstation for Modern Warfare 2. Plus, CTF and Hardcore Moshpit playlists added on PS3”.

As you can see FourZeroTwo also revealed that PS3 gamers can also experience Capture The Flag and Hardcore Moshpit as they have been added to the multiplayer playlist.

Have you noticed an improvement since the change?

Source: Twitter

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  • bob

    no change barely ever get the 2nd dlc

  • 420-EDM

    the PS3 version had CTF.. they took it out for whatever reason in a recent update, then added it again? GOOD, i was starting to miss it

  • raggadoll