Lexus LFA Supercar Outright Buy: Condition of sale

Last year Toyota showed off to the world their new Lexus LFA supercar, but they left it for a while to inform us that it will be on a lease only option in the U.S. Instead of paying the $375,000 price tag as other countries would those in North America would have to sign a two-year lease agreement, then after two years they have the option to buy the sports car for almost $300,000.

According to Autoblog it now seems as if Toyota has had a change of heart and will allow those in the U.S to buy the Lexus LFA outright. However, they will have to sign an agreement that if they wish to sell the car within two years, then they will have to sell it back to the dealer.

That dealer will then buy back the LFA for the market rate or the original price that the owner paid, whichever is the lower value. If for some reason the owner does not sell the vehicle back to the dealer, they will then have to pay the dealer the difference of what he had purchased the car for and sold it for – along with any legal fees.

You cannot blame Toyota for doing such a thing, the Lexus LFA is expected to be a much sought after car and could increase in value – so wants to try and deter those trying to make a quick buck.

Will this new deal deter those from trying to make money for the Lexus LFA?



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