HTC EVO 4G vs Samsung Epic: Battery comparison

By Peter Chubb - Aug 6, 2010

When Sprint launched the HTC EVO 4G it was hailed as the best Android smartphone to date, and they were not wrong. However, since its release it has been marred with problems, such as stock issues and battery performance. So will the upcoming Samsung Epic 4G fair any better?

What better handsets to offer a comparison, the Epic forms part of the Galaxy S range and is considered to be like the EVO, but with a slide out keyboard as well as a touchscreen. The new smartphone will have a tough job on its hands, not only will it have to fend of the HTC EVO 4G, but also the BlackBerry Torch as well, which is also a slider touchscreen handset.

Back to the matter at hand, it is no secret that the battery life on the EVO is poor – both have a 1500mAh battery. The screen on the EVO is a TFT and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, whereas the Epic has a super AMOLED display and a Hummingbird processor.

Taking both of these features into account, the Epic should offer more than the 5 hours talktime and 146 hours standby on the EVO. Do you think the battery life on the Samsung Epic 4G will be better than the HTC EVO 4G?

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  • Ivy Humphires

    I’ll go over HTC EVO it was really an amazing phone which usually well the battery life of both phones are quite impressive for me since my hubby owns a Samsung Epic phone.

    HTC EVO 4G

  • I got my EVO the day they came out. I have the Froyo update and have conditioned my battery by doing full charge and full discharge cycles. I am now consistently getting 2 – 2 1/2 days of battery life with moderate/normal use. I use bluetooth to listen to music a few hours a day and 15-25 calls per day. Usually internet usage is limited, maybe 30 minutes or so a day. I leave Sync off, and just do it manually 4-5 times per day. Anyways, I wanted to share my experience as I am very happy with the stock battery life and the EVO. FYI, I am currently at 2 days and 9 hours with 18% battery life remaining, so I might get closer to 3 days this time. I think my success lies in full battery charge and discharge cycles, no partial charges or plugging in when not needed. Oh yeah, I also rarely turn off or restart the phone…Maybe every 5 days or so…When I do, I go into settings and applications and force close things like fring and other apps I know I don't want running. I do not use any task killers as they shortened the battery life after the froyo update. Glad to be with Sprint after 15 years of t-mobile. 🙂 I love my EVO.

    • RizzMasterZero

      Lithium Ion batteries do not require full discharge/charge cycling.

  • Craig

    One thing people do not keep in mind, and this refers to ANY cell phone battery is where you are in regards to signal strength. THis is aimed at those whose phone dies within a few hours and they claim they have no apps/low brightness/n sync…whatever. If you are in an area with incredibly low to NO signal strength, your phone will work much harder to find that signal, thus using up more battery power. For example, I work in an X-Ray department, in the middle of a large hospital, completely lined with lead in every wall and ceiling. Any phone I have had while working as a x-ray tech, has died by the end of my shift due to the phone for hours on end trying to find a signal. Over the weekend, that same cell phone battery, which died in an 8 hour period, last 2 whole days. So KEEP THAT IN MIND. As far as the EPIC is concerned. Occasionally my phone has died in a 7am-7pm period (usually while I am working due to the above statement) but 99% of the time I get through a whole day without worrying, including usage with email, text, phone calls, Pandora at the gym, apps, games and whatever. I also have an extra battery which I pop in the next morning, and recharge the old one. And honestly, if you are sitting and expecting to be able to watch hours of youtube on your phone, than I think you are a bit spoiled and taking advantage of what your phone is actually supposed to be used for in the first place.

  • Anthony

    The Epic not only has a very short battery life, but it also takes longer to charge. I am consistently caught in the middle of the day with not power. It is a great device when working otherwise.

  • webpilot

    I'm concerned. Just bought the evo yesterday, charged it up at about 8 pm and it was dead by 8 am this morning. Less than 12 hours on standby, used it only for sending a few text messages and poking around on youtube for maybe 20 minutes. Haven't downloaded any apps to it yet and didn't have anything running on it. When i put it on the charger this morning it instantly shot up to 50% battery life. This probably is an issue with battery conditioning, and I'm hoping it gets a lot better after that. If not, I will probably take the phone back. What's the point of having a phone that you can't use? I guess it would make an attractive paper weight!

  • therealchewtoy

    I've had my epic now since the day they came out, and the battery life is horrible. It probably is going back tomorrow.

    If I go to bed at 10pm on a full charge, the battery is dying by morning, and the battery usage app blames the display!!! WTF?! The display killed the battery when the damn thing was turned off? This is ridiculous.

  • valnomien

    I know it's better than both the iphone 4 and htc evo i have the evo and epic and hear complaints about iphone 4 barely lasting a day. i'm going to post up snapshots of my epic right now i'm at 60% after 18hrs and my 2nd most used item is my display at 17% phone idle at 16% voice calls at 12% and the highest value is standy at 50%…I've conditioned this phone many times and wiped battery stats from recovery menu and i'm on the andromeda kernel

    • c2g1980

      It depends on personal preference. I waited 3 mo. after the evo came so I could check out the epic. The display is gorgeus & I like the keyboard as well but not big on the interface. The froyo update along w/the ability to download 3rd party apps w/out being rooted sold me. I thought I'd like the epic better, but I used it quite a bit & I couldnt get n2 it. My buddy was the same way. But a lot of people like epic & some hate them both cause they cant figure out the battery issue.

  • ricardo

    thre is NO way the iphone last that long I HAD one and I Left that to go to the evo but the evo battery life was horrible and this phone is much better the epic is the best phone out hands all the way down. To all you on the edge of maybe buying this phone I’m pushing you off buy it!:)

  • CAW2000

    I found that when I turned off Wi-Fi, auto sync, turned the vibration down, the brightness to auto or all the way down, turned off background data, my battery charged really quick, it was dead when I woke up this morning and Ive been charging it for a little over an hour and it's almost fully charged. although I wish I didn't have to turn everything off just to extend the battery life. When they made this phone they knew it would drain the battery quick so they should have put a better battery in it, but overall I do love this phone.

  • Rpasil

    Epic's battery is horrible in 3hrs of not doing anything with the phone its down to less than 50% and that is with the brightness turned off no auto sync in background and all wifi gps 4g and bluetooth turned off!!!! Very frustrating and im ready to return it!

  • Davo

    i have the epic. Love the phone except for the battery life. It also takes hours and hours to recharge! They need to do something about battery life on these phones.

  • jenzhere

    I have the evo and my husband has the epic. I get way more battry than him. On both we have auto sync off, apps refresh when we open them , on the evo I unplug it about 7am and stiill have plenty of battery a 7pm, the epics display is killing its battery! All time outs set at 30 sec and brightness set to auto, yet it is using 86% of the battery

    • 564

      The epic must be terrible because I've never seen that phrase before "i get way more battery than him" referring to the evo. That battery blows soooo much. I get 2.5 days of moderate use from my ip4, and a 1.5-2 days on my 3gs.. My girls evo gets maybe 4hrs of standbye…yes everything is off. It's 2 days old.

      • c2g1980

        Take that evo back. I get 10-14hrs w/out everything off. I leave background sync on & I just time things to load when I want them to. She got a bad as welll as did a lot of people. Guess my wife & I got lucky cause her battery life is better than mine.

    • kaiba222

      Wow, you are clearly an idiot. The Epic's display isn't killing it's battery! It's saving it! A super AMOLED display uses less battery than a TFT. Get your facts right before you say something. Gosh, I hate idiots!

      • RizzMasterZero

        So they say. Yet, do you remember the Samsung Moment vs the HTC Hero? The Moments battery was atrocious! And what type of screen did it have…?

  • BateNsWITCH

    htc evo vs epc battery comparison. Nice, there is no comparison.

    What a bate and switch from this site.

    What a JOKE…sucks

  • Unknown

    Epic and EVO will have the same battery life. And both of them don't last long enough. 2 hours or less on a battery life using High Display, apps, surfing web & watching video clips. Only if u keep using it all day & do all of them at once. Its all about the damn battery life. Why can't these companies improve battery life? Are they that anxious to release a good phone with great features regardless of the battery life in order to earn more money as fast as possible? They lack good battery life.. All I keep seeing is 1500mAh battery life for every touch screen.. well depends what kind of phone. But its such a drag. I want a longer battery life without having to worry about charging my phone during the whole day for 15 or 20 hours. I want to take as many pictures and videos as i can, surf da net as long as i want, check video clips any time when something comes up and many more. I want this phone but I expect a better battery life.. but oh well, gonna stick with my HTC Touch Pro 2 for now.

  • cant say

    I can't say how I know…but I do know…the Epic battery life will be significantly better than the EVO. I know this for an absolute FACT.

    • kman

      FAIL. The battery life on my EPIC is aweful. Worst battery life on a phone that I can recall. It made it from 8am to 130pm today. I used it half that time as a music player with pandora. That's just attrocious. I'm seriously thinking about returning it.

      • Arianna

        YOu need to take off the "Background Data" make a difference!

    • I just posted a comment I thought you might be interested in. I think your FACT is not so factual from what others are saying. I guess your secret source let you down huh? Anyways, just wanted to reply as I got a chuckle out of your post, like people will just take your word for it since you state it as fact..I mean FACT.

      • RizzMasterZero

        I think you may be retarded. Do you not understand sarcasm?

  • TheDude

    Nah it will be better, the epic is running the same processor thats inside the iphone 4

    • kaiba222

      Idiot! Its not the same processor! The Epic has a Hummingbird (A8) processor and the iPhone has an A4 processor. They are very similar, however, not the same.

  • Preston

    LOL uh the SAMSUNG moment was the first android phone with AMOLED screen and look how the battery life is with that? Samsung phone battery life will be worse than the evo's battery life.

    • IR REP

      you are a dumbass, the moment is a standard LCD. The Epic has an Organic Led Screen, Thats Saves Battery Life And Is Much Lighter In Weight.

  • LOLmaster

    The new Samsun Epic 4G will definetely have a much better battery life compared to the Evo, since it has the AMOLED screen and such.

    • slauderdale

      actually the Evo has much better battery llife. My daughters phone does not even make it through school. just on standby. My Evo makes it all day

      • common sense

        your daughter definitely uses her phone more than you use your evo

    • Silent_Type

      My Epic does not make it through the day without a recharge. All Power savers on. GPS, WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth off. No Live wall paper or other power hungry apps running, screen brightness below half and it's good for about 14 hours of idle time. I've had the Epic for 5 days and I am ready to take it back. I rate this phone an Epic FAIL.

      • Arianna

        Taking off the "background data" is what makes the difference!

        • kaiba222

          My Epic is excellent, I am a power user and I am very happy with the battery life I get. I don't know what your talking about moron.