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Dell Inspiron M101z: Specs show premium Netbook / ultraportable laptop

The Dell Inspiron M101z doesn’t help matters when it comes to drawing a line between the laptop, and netbook. The Dell M101z specs show a device that could be an ultraportable laptop or premium netbook.

CNET has taken a look at the M101z, and they found the 11-inch laptop to have a good touch pad and keyboard, impressive Dual-core processor but falls short with an average battery life, limited graphics, and the upgraded components are costly.

Dell’s M101z sits well on the netbook side, although it could be seen as an ultraportable laptop. Thanks to a dual-core AMD Neo K325 CPU, the M101z is pushed far ahead of the average netbook in the $579 price range.

That money will get you a 7200rpm hard drive and 4GB of RAM, but you can knock the price down to $449 with an AMD Neo K125, which does not help the netbook/laptop divide.

Gamers will see around 13.1 fps in Unreal Tournament 3 with a 1,280×768-pixel resolution, but CNET found Civilization needed the graphics turned down to run smoothly, and Kayne and Lynch 2 was not suited to the M101z. Read the full specs and review on CNET or see more photos on Dell..

Are you confused with the differences between laptop and netbook?



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