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Borderlands DLC: Info Leaked in PC Update

The PC version of Borderlands recently got an update, and fans could not believe what was in store for them as all the info for the next downloadable content was there.

The next expansion is apparently all about Claptraps, the story revolves around the Ninja Assassin Claptrap from the end the original story, he is now leading a revolt against you and your fellow vault hunters.

The DLC will will feature nine main missions along with twelve side missions, here you will face re-animated claptraps and dead characters from the game, including Dr Ned, Commandant Steele and General Knoxx.

At the moment all this information has not yet been officially confirmed, therefore don’t take it too seriously, however the plot does sound pretty good.

As we hear more on this DLC we will keep you posted, for more details check out the link below.

Source: CVG


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