Android 2.2 FroYo Official Build Leaks for Motorola Droid

By Jamie Pert - Aug 6, 2010

If you own an Android-based smartphone you are probably eagerly awaiting the launch of Android 2.2 FroYo for your particular model, well today we have some good news for Motorola Droid owners.

Recently a leaked early ROM for Android 2.2 started doing its rounds, however we are now hearing that the official build which Verizon will release over-the-air has leaked.

This official build is named FRG22, we know that this is the official build thanks to an internal Verizon document which can be seen here, it clearly mentions the build name FRG22.

Rumors suggest that Verizon will begin pushing out this update on August 12, if you cannot wait that long and understand the risks associated with installing a leaked ROM you can get it here.

Have you installed this update on your Droid? If so, can you confirm that it works and is stable?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Kenny Mo

    I downloaded the update right to my phone. from a link that didn't require a PC.
    Within ten minutes I was up and running.
    It seems the more applications you go through, seems to improve the performance.
    Because, it was kind of slow when it was first installed.
    Now it runs great.
    I had the same result when I loaded Adobe Flash Player.

    On the overall result, everything loaded without a hitch.

  • Tim

    I'm curious where the August 12 release date came from? The word from Verizon was that they'd start pushing this week. Has that changed

    • Jamie Pert

      I got the August 12th info here

      • rjshar

        That article refers to August 12 as the release date of the Droid 2 phone; not the OTA date of FRG22.

        • Luke

          where did you get the new build info. i thought the buid was frg01b?