Woman Uses Toes to Text: “HELP. CALL 911.”

We all know how popular texting is, but we were shocked to learn that a woman was able to do it with her feet. This was not done as part of a joke to put up on YouTube or Facebook, a young lady had to do this as she was tied up to her bed by burglars who broke into her house.

Amazingly the woman was able to get a message to not only the police but her boyfriend as well. The woman while tied to her bed was able to open up her laptop and unlock it by hitting control-alt-delete so that she was able to use it.

She then went onto the website so that she could file out a form, she was able to control the mouse with her foot as well. After that she then went onto Google Chat to type “HELP. CALL 911.” to her boyfriend.

KTLA News reports that officers rushed to the house, where they found the woman tied to the headboard of her bed. Thankfully she only sustained a cut to her head. Police are still looking for the individuals.

This was certainly impressive, are you able to send a text or work a computer with your feet?



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