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VW Beetle: Powered by human waste

Another environmentally friendly car has been shown to the world today by Wessex Water in England. The prototype a VW Beetle is powered by methane gas which is produced from human waste at sewage works.

The Daily Mail is reporting in an article that the vehicle can cover 10,000 miles in one year from what’s flushed down the toilets of just seventy homes. The car has been named the “Bio-Bug” and is the first car of its kind to run on methane gas without the performance being reduced.

Mohammed Saddiq from the company responsible for the Beetle GENeco promised that drivers “won’t know the difference”. He went on to say ‘Previously the gas hasn’t been clean enough to fuel motor vehicles without it affecting performance. ‘However, through using the latest technology our Bio-Bug drives like any conventional car and what’s more it uses sustainable fuel.”

The Bio-Bug can reach the speed of 114mph, and is first started using unleaded petrol. When the engine is up to temperature it automatically switches to methane. If the methane gas tank runs out it reverts back to petrol.


  • Will

    It should be called the "dung beetle".


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