Top 5 Android Phones: Incredible, EVO 4G, Droid X

By Jamie Pert - Aug 5, 2010

In May, we did a ‘top 10’ Android phones article, but since then a few more fascinating and extremely good smartphones have been released. This article takes note of the few new Android phones, and informs you which ones are the best of the bunch.

#5. Samsung Vibrant – This phone brings a superb AMOLED display with brilliant multimedia features, but one of the major drawbacks about this phone is the lack of a flash for the camera. This alone would put most people off when mixed with a quite laggy interface that the phone also suffers with.

#4. Google Nexus One – Formally a joint number one entry, the Google Nexus One is still one of the prime contenders in the Android market. From it’s snazzy design, amazing AMOLED display and speedy and satisfying performance, it’s hard to gone wrong with. But it does have its own set of problems that prevent it from climbing to the top. Some network issues, an average multimedia player and less than perfect software keyboard are factors Google must take in to consideration when designing the next Nexus breed.

#3. HTC Droid Incredible – Formally sitting perfectly in the number one spot, the Droid Incredible lives up to its name in being just that. Infact, it is one of the most impressive overall phones on the market today, and has only recently been beaten by the newer phones that took the Incredible and made them better. We didn’t think it was possible. The only drawback with this phone is its boring media player, and even that is not enough to put anyone off wanting this suberb phone.

#2. Motorola Droid X – Even the name makes it sound cool. “So what phone do you have?” “I have a Droid X!” This phone benefits from superb multimedia playback, amazing network performance and an array of brilliant features. The interface can be sluggish at times though, and it does not come with Android OS 2.2 FroYo pre-installed.

#1. HTC EVO 4G – HTC continue to impress, and the EVO 4G is no surprise. With 4G connectivity, gorgeous 8MP camera, and a beautiful display packed with features, it’s hard to go wrong with this phone. The only drawback being that not everyone can yet experience its best feature — 4G coverage.

Do you agree with this top 5? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know below.

Source: PC World

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  • No one mentioned the HTC Desire, which is in all the reviews is said to be a huge improvement over the Nexus One.

    Also, the Vibrant suffers from some call quality and GPS issues. The Vibrant just came out in Canada along with the HTC Desire. Based on the talk at HowardForums, the Desire is most popular and is winning a lot of the one on one debates.

  • Mark

    I have used each of the top 5 for more than 2 weeks each and unless you can say the same thing then your opinion is lessened. I would agree you have the right 5 phones in your list but in the wrong order. Each of the phones had a smal bit of lag when I used them so this is not a deciding factor for me. My top two features when I purchase a phone are memory and screen. Because of this my list is as follows.

    1. Vibrant-best screen and most storage available. Also, the 4 inch screen is perfect size. 4.3 is just to big.

    2. EVO 4g-Screen resolution not as good as the Vibrants. Sprints service is also an issue for me. Good memory but not as much as the vibrants.

    3. Droid-X-same as evo. I have never been a fan of motorola phones, cheaply built. Although the droid-x does seem better.

    4. Nexus One-no crappy skin, what else can you say. One of the best phones ever made.

    5. Just because I put the incredible 5th doesn’t mean I didn’t like the phone. I think the incredible is awesome.

    All five of these phones are so closely matched, any prospective buyer will be in heaven whatever choice they make. I can’t wait to see what phones come out in the future.

  • thingsstartmoving

    EVO then Droid X in that order. Love the X but Motorola really fumbled with the lack of a front facing camera. Soon these will be standard on all high end smart phones. Plus 4g. cheaper plans unlimited data.

  • guest

    I have the incredible and I really like it. I think it will get the number two spot on this chart when 2.2 comes out because not only will it be able to shot in 720p it will also be able to use wireless n networks. And HTC sense I think is the best skin on Android. I have played around with MOTO blur but just looking at it with no HTC widgets seems dull and boring to me.

  • john

    i have the x and its not bulky at all…its thinness more than makes up for the large screen size…fits in my pocket well and is almost hardly noticeable in my pocket.

    i like the evo but have a love / hate relationship with sense ui….ninja blur has been working very well, much better with contacts management

  • uknowjp

    I would switch droid x and evo. The droid x has 3 mics for better noise cancellation, the camera takes better pics (more vibrant colors, better hd frames per sec,), higher resolution screen (even a little bit counts, battery life is a hands down droid x, verizon network hands down droid x, its snappier not more sluggish and froyo will only make it faster (when comparing apples to apples- android 2.1 to android 2.1. Thinner and lighter but only by a little so why did you put evo first again… lol Evo us a great phone but it got X'd.


    Nexus One trumps them all…. and yes i've tried them all.
    Evo & X big & bulky and locked networks. Samsung no flas (what
    Were they thinking!) Incredible is just the nexus one but locked down.
    The nexus one = total freedom… unlocked phone, unlocked bootloader. The
    Best hands down!!!

  • Chris

    Even though the Vibrant lacks a flash, the camera and video are far superior to the EVO. No comparison. Plus, with the night mode on the camera, you can get great evening shots that look way better than the blown out EVO flash shots. I have compared side by side and the difference is un-believable. Plus, the Samsung interface is very sleek and smooth compared to the EVO. Again, I have done a side by side comparison.

  • Mike

    "The Incredible, although a very nice phone, does not have a front facing camera neither a hdmi output." — Neither does not work in that sentence.. nor would work just fine. And who the hell cares about a front facing camera really? Except for homos that wanna have gay phone sex with their men.. If I wanna see my wife's face chances are I'm gonna look right at her or hop on skype on my computer where it's much more convenient 🙂

  • jumper

    Your list is right on the money of course and I think everyone knows that here. They fixed the battery life so that is a non-issue too. Catch up with the news commenters. My EVO used 6% battery overnight and with moderate use I have gone two full days.

    Warning – Don’t turn on the new fancy 2.2 automated Market updates to apps feature or one of the developers will get you.

  • Art

    THe EVO, "hands down" is the best phone with the adroid platform. The Incredible, although a very nice phone, does not have a front facing camera neither a hdmi output. This alone sets the Evo apart from the Incredible as being #1. The Droid X offers no front facing camera (a silly mistake in my opinion from motorola). How can u compete with the best if you dont have all the bells and whistle as the EVO and iPhone 4. So in my comparison The EVO takes the crown as the best Android phone. Oh and for those who say its too "bulky" you clearly want to find something wrong with the phone and this is a easy find, but lets be real! the only tru flaw is the battery life, but majority of all smartphones have an issue with this.

    • In two years, when my contract is up with Verizon, a majority of people out there will have front-facing cameras on their phones, and it will thus make sense to have one, since there will actually be people to use it with. Right now, it's not a huge priority for me.

      Also, since they only work well on wifi, I would prefer my laptop and skype for a bigger picture, when I'm home.

      My HTC Incredible is also more pocketable, and thus it works the best for me.

  • Chris

    I've had my EVO for over 2 weeks, LOVE IT! I'm using Advanced Task Killer and have yet to have any issues with battery life. The 2.2 upgrade was NICE! Apps are faster and I can't seem to put my phone down. Size is not an issue, I was used to my iPhone size, but the speed and network connection with Sprint has been tremendous!

  • guest

    im planning on getting an evo 4g soon, but the article should mention its battery life as a big weakness. actually that might be the phone's only weakness

  • Chris

    I agree except that I would switch the X and the Evo. The Evo's 4g capabilities are negated pretty much anywhere outside the small test markets that currently support the technology, and the Droid X has it beat in terms of battery life, which makes a much more tangible impact on usability.

  • Jason Smith

    the difference between the incredible and the two above it is mainly the size of the screen once all the phones receive their respective updates (720p for incredible)

    its more of a personal preference for the screen size (bigger screen = bigger phone)

  • SF_Posey28

    The only reason I would put the Incredible at the top of the list is because the Droid X and the Evo are pretty bulky phones…hard to handle with just one hand and not very "pocketable". Of course if this doesn't bother you then sure, this list is spot on. As far as "bang for your buck", well that goes to the Evo thanks in large part to Sprint's phone plans. But if you're already on Verzon, the other two are still GREAT options.

    • richard

      Hands down the evo 4g is the best device on the market. Sprint has thrown down the gauntlet firingva shot across the android bow letting everyone know they will support there device buy having 2.2 froyo upgraded on this device and I bet they are already working on GINGERBREAD for later this year it early 2011. This device is amazing 2.2kicked it to another level what a joy it has been to own this monster

  • Anon

    Hi. It's formerly, not formally. Thanks.