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Motorola Droid 2 at Best Buy: Mockup photos

Some websites have started to get a bit annoyed with the whole Motorola Droid 2 saga, as we hear so much about it, without ever learning anything new – but is this not just the game that we are all part of? The latest news is that mockups of this latest Android handset have just landed at Best Buy.

A number of websites have already started to report this news, but it is Paul Miller from Engadget that has the photos to prove it. In total there are three images, the first showing the front of two of the devices – one open showing the QWERTY keyboard and one closed.

The other two shots are almost identical and just show off the rear of the Droid 2. There is no solid release date yet, but we reported this morning that is could be August 12th. This does make sense, as rival AT&T will be releasing the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 on the very same day.

The date must be getting close, why else would Best Buy have dummies and cases? They have to be working on their display for the successor to the most popular Android handset of them all – the Droid.


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    iphone isn't coming to verizon…verizon saw the problems with the iphone 4 and dropped from that whole iphone crap….tmobile might get it now i heard

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    If iphone comes to verizon, get ready for as crappy as a network as ATT has, all those dern' iphone users eating up the network bandwidth.


    Droid is not built to last very long. I've went through 3 droids in 6months. I wish iPhone would come to Verizon.


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