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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Price: Like Magic Trackpad

We have known for a while that Microsoft were planning to launch a new mouse that will have touch capabilities, much like the Magic Mouse from Apple. We then discovered yesterday that the name for the device will be the Arc Touch Mouse.

The new device is expected to be released in September and will have a retail price of just under $70, that’s the same as the Magic Mouse and the new Magic Trackpad. However, the new Microsoft device will only be in its basic form from the start, with multitouch functionality coming at a later update.

Vlad Savov from Engadget points out that the Arc Touch Mouse will have more to offer than the Magic Mouse, he is a little concerned as to the shape of the thing. Most people like the feel of a mouse in their hand; this will not come natural to some.

I feel at home using the multitouch trackpad on my MacBook Air, but others like my wife cannot get on with it and always goes back to using a mouse, and there will be many more like her. Let us not put the new mouse down though, there is certainly a market for it, and will work like a dream with Windows 7.

Do you think that the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a better option than the Apple Magic Mouse?



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