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iOS 4 Fix Coming: Jailbreakme Jailbreak Vulnerability

This week has been a busy one for iPhone 4 owners, as many of them have been getting around a security vulnerability in iOS 4 to use JailbreakMe 2.0. The idea of this jailbreak does not sit will with Apple, so has been working hard on a solution, and they have announced that an iOS 4 fix is coming.

Josh Ong from AppleInsider learned from an Apple spokeswoman that although a fix is on the way there is no release date yet. So for now iPhone 4 owners will be able to use JailbreakMe to make FaceTime calls over 3G, which uses about 3MB data usage per minute, which we discussed in a recent article.

The first to find a way around this security issue was Comex, a hacker from the iPhone Dev team. The first version did not work well, as there were issue with MMS and the above-mentioned FaceTime, but the Dev Team were back on it and solved the issue.

Security has come into question a number of times now regarding the iPhone, but they are not alone. RIM has been having a similar issue, but this time because their security is too good on BlackBerry handsets and have been asked to share their information with UAE and India, which you can read more about in a previous post.

Have you jailbroken your iPhone 4? How did FaceTime perform for you?


  • Gig

    No I haven't jailbroken my iPhone 4 yet I have just got the phone and will do it, eventually however I mainly jailbreak my phone like my 3G in the past for useful things, suck as a video camera and cracked apps. I will probably jailbreak my iPhone in maybe around a week or two and see the response of people with iPhone 4's so until then I won't jailbreak


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