HP Slate eStation Zeen: webOS, Android or Windows 7?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2010

Engadget has been recalling a post that they published back in December 2009, when the talked about HP filing a new trademark “Zeen,” which was said to be a portable handheld device. Back then we assumed that it was just an eReader, but now that name has been upgraded to the HP eStation Zeen and looks to be their new Slate device.

This is a bit of a stretch surmising this, but all the signs are there, as a recent FCC filing shows that the device comes with 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Thomas Ricker from the gadget blog believes that this is the fabled HP Slate, but there are still a number of questions that needs answering.

We know that it is a tablet, so we would like to know which OS will it run webOS, Android or Windows 7? The smart money would be on webOS, considering Hewlett Packard now owns Palm. However, maybe they would not want to spend time and effort on such a task, when Google and Microsoft already has an operating system in place that will work with these new tablet PCs.

So we have established that it is a tablet, but we have no idea on a price, OS, specs, design or anything else. I know, we are not much help, but we will keep you updated. What OS do you think HP should go with, Android, webOS or Windows 7?

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  • UKBananas

    Very simple, it should run windows 7, so you can run iTunes. I love Android, and use an Android phone, but I also have a iPod touch because of iTunes. There is nothing yet comparable on Android for videos (music is pretty good on Amazon on Android), so if the slate runs Windows 7 you get the best of both worlds, flexible fully functional OS (not like Apple), but capable of running iTunes (not like Android).

    • Karelle

      You can hook your droid to Itunes!