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Google Wave Dead: Concept still surfs the net

When Google Wave was first introduced to us, the search engine colossal told us that this was going to be the next best thing. Well it seems as if the wave has come crashing down, but the concept of the service will still be around on the Internet for developers.

Google had to go online yesterday and announce that Wave did not gain the attention for users as they had hoped, so have now been made available as open-source. This means that people will now be able to release their content from the service.

The Guardian points out something that has been the major issue with Wave, some us of may have heard about it, but have not tried it out. This does seem strange as it was advertised as a centralized communications tool, so how come it could not communicate its own message with adopters?

Most social networking services has gone through that stage, where they had to try and explain to the user what their existence was all about, the Guardian states that Twitter was able to survive a similar outcome, but Google Wave was not so lucky.

Were you shocked to learn the fate of Google Wave?



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