Fired Over Facebook: 13 Reasons

My nephew was recently fired over Facebook, so I thought that I would look to see if this was an isolated case, and it looks as though this is becoming a regular occurrence. So what kind of behavior warrants your employer firing you over things said or done on the social networking site?

Catharine Smith and Craig Kanalley posted an article last month on The Huffington Post, which looked at the 13 posts that led to their jobs being terminated. The problem lies in what Facebook users have been posting, some of which can give the company that these people work for a bad name.

The first one was a woman who said that she was too ill to turn up for work, but was then spotted going on Facebook. The employer said that it “had destroyed its trust in the employee.”

Another incident I remember now, it was the one where a cheerleader uploaded a photo on Facebook leaning over a friend who had passed out. Caitlin Davis thought that it would be funny to draw all over her friend, this got her fired from the New England Patriots cheerleading team.

These are just two of the reasons why people have been fired over Facebook; visit The Huffington Post, for the complete list of 13. Were you fired over Facebook? Do you agree with this practice?



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