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Fable 3: No Xbox Kinect Support at Launch

So far many games have been linked to the Xbox 360 controller-free motion sensor Kinect, however we are now hearing that Fable 3 will not ship with any Kinect functionality whatsoever.

Many thought that Fable 3 was a ‘dead cert’ in terms of utilizing Microsoft Kinect, however Peter Molyneux (Microsoft Game Studios Europe director) recently dropped this bombshell on the Engadget Show.

JoyStiq apparently got in contact with Molyneux regarding the matter, it seems that the Kinect support that they had achieved with Fable 3 wasn’t up to their high standards, therefore Kinect content “may be available post-launch”

There are two ways of looking at this news, it is good that they would prefer to scrap the support rather than give consumers a sub-par Kinect experience, on the other hand does this mean that adding Kinect support is a time consuming experience? If so, will developers release Kinect content as DLC which we have to pay for?

Feel free to add your opinions in the comments section below.

Source: JoyStiq



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